'SNice Soho NYC for Breakfast. My Review!

After a month of ignoring the piles of 'SNice delivery menus left scattered in my building's mail room, I finally decided to give in and grab one. After all, I like a little good reading material for my hike up the stairs...

What's this? Vegan Tempeh Wraps? Vegan soup? Vegan treats? How have I never been here?! I was rounding the steps to the sixth floor and my mouth was watering as I huffed and puffed to my door. It was decided. I needed to give 'SNice a try.

I review 'SNice's newest NYC location: 'SNice Soho. Is 'SNice, ...snice?...

Tofu Scramble Wrap:

Vegan Apricot Bar:

Breakfast. I decided to try an easy quick breakfast at 'SNice this morning. Why just breakfast? A Tofu Scramble Wrap is an easy judge of character in my book..

Judgement.. Will it be too small? Too greasy? Too wimpy? Too mushy? Too bland? Or just right? First, lets browse the menu..

'SNice's menu kinda reminds me of my own kitchen. A lot of delicious plant-based dishes that I crave for a casual yet satisfying bite. Here are a few menu items and specials they have tweeted about..

..tomato soup, tofu scramble burrito, kale/white bean soup, veggie pasta salad, roasted broccoli, quinoa with veggies and beans, sesame noodles, couscous, potato salad, pesto penne, brown rice and veggies, wraps and sandwiches, lively salads, vegan cookies and brownies and more.

Cozy, casual comfort food right?

Now I'll admit, my first reflex thought was: "Can't I make this at home?" Maybe. But I wanted to taste 'SNice's spin on "vegan eats".

Vegan Note: Many of 'SNice's offerings are vegan, but a good few are just vegetarian, so always ask. The daily soup is always vegan.

Here is my Tofu Scramble Wrap review..

Foil Wrapped Breakfast Bliss..

'SNice's Tofu Scramble Wrap / Cafe Review

Look: The Tofu Scramble wrap came wrapped in a layer of parchment paper and foil. I didn't get home until at least 20 minutes later yet the wrap was still warm/hot when I took my first bite. The tofu was bright yellow, nice assortment of veggies throughout, but really it was mostly plentiful amounts of tofu scramble - with a few hints of red along the tortilla edge - salsa or hot sauce. Simple, thin whole wheat wrap. Nice and flaky - not too thick or dry. The entire wrap was moist, yet not mushy. Beautiful yellow color. I couldn't wait to take a bite..

Taste: Yum-my. Seasoned perfectly. Definitely not greasy or oily. Perfectly moist, textured, seasoned and cooked. I liked that it was mostly tofu with a few veggies. I hate when wraps are stingy on the protein. The red 'sauce' laced on the edges seemed to have a hint of heat. But it seemed too thin to be a full blown salsa. More like a medium hot sauce. Still not sure. The flavor had some heat and spice-appeal. It tasted exactly how I crave a tofu scramble wrap to taste. The texture was pretty stunning for a quickly made, to-go wrap. It took the counter-guy about 5 minutes to prepare it fresh for me. Easy wait, big reward.

Price: $6 in NYC is a very fair price. Most of 'SNice's wraps and sandwiches are $8.75 - while they are more complex, I still felt like I was getting a deal with this $6 wrap. And it is HUGE! I could eat this mid-morning and not be hungry for lunch. In fact, I could very easily eat this for lunch. Grab it with a chai, tea, coffee or juice and head on your way. Side salad or soup and it's a full blown mean. Breakfast for dinner anyone?

Atmosphere: Cozy cafe. Long sleek tables/counters line the little cafe. Dim lighting when I went in. I wasn't even sure if it was open. Maybe turn the lights up in the mornings guys? I like the mellow lights, but it also made me a lil sleepy. Or maybe I just was sleepy. The cafe was pretty dead when I went in, a few customers in and out. But I suspect this place will pick up once people realize how awesome it is. I've heard the other 'SNice location in West Village is quite popular.

Extras: 'SNice has a huge selection of goodies. Cookies, muffins, granola bars, brownies, cupcakes, bars and more. A good amount of them are vegan. Check the little signs or ask the counter-folk. My apricot bar was a tad dry, but overall very flavorful. I gobbled it down because I am a sucker for anything with apricot jam-stuff on top.

Overall: Great find. So glad to have a cozy cafe like this on the West end of SoHo. If you are in the area, check it out. And if you are looking for an awesome breakfast on-the-go - grab the tofu scramble wrap. It's yummy. I can't wait to try more items from 'SNice.

'SNice SoHo
150 Sullivan Street between Houston and Prince
(212) 253-5405

..and they tweet soup/menu specials! yay for that. @SniceSoHo

...yes! 'SNice is snice :)


"But I don't Live in NYC!! *whimper, sniffle* " - Note: Yes I know I post a lot of reviews for NYC-only yummies. And yes, I know that only a fraction of my readers actually live in NYC. But remember, you can always visit! OK, and even if you can't visit, I hope you can gain inspiration from the foodie happenings in my neck of the woods. And if your town's 'veg eats' scene pretty much, well, sucks. Maybe you can forward this review to your fave Mom & Pop cafe and give them a few hints.

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