Scary Cherry Fizz Halloween Punch! plus week in review.

This week has left me craving a chill weekend with a worthy October distraction: Halloween anticipation.

And since every spooky fall night needs a festive sip, I bring you my Scary Cherry Fizz Punch. Sweet and sassy with a hint of scary.

Get my recipe and see (photos) of what I've been up to this week..

Burn-Out Happens. Finishing up a long week of tiring (yet inspiring) events means I've had far too much free (bad) coffee and far too little sleep.

Worthy Distraction: Halloween. Ah, yes, let me cozy up to a warm soy cocoa and ponder costumes, treats and even venture out to explore one of the hundreds of costume shops NYC has to offer. Fun, fun, fall fun.

Everyone Loves Punch. My Halloween-approved festive punch recipe has flavors of cherry, fizzy ginger and pomegranate - with sweet blood-red spooky Maraschino Cherries as garnish. Add in some optional fresh-squeezed citrus juice for a more opaque-style punch.

Vegan-Approved Cherries..

Out and About. The two highlight events of my week..

A panel discussion hosted by In Good Company. One of the speakers was the gorgeous, inspiring, founder of Girlie Girl Army, Chloe Jo Berman.

..Chloe was featured in my Veggie Girl Power interview series last year, so I was thrilled to finally meet her face-to-face.

I also attended the Feast on Good Conference. Watch it here.

The Feast on Good..

The Times Center NYC where the event was held..

Girl Effect. My fave video from the event..

By the end of the Friday conference, I was in full-blown sleep-deprived mode. Yet I was so 'high on good' from the feast that I decided to walk home 40+ blocks. In boots. Without a coat. When it was cold. And windy. Walking in NYC just always feels right. Even when I'm out of fuel.

Skip the cab and walk.

Ready, set, rest! (I know who I can learn from here...)

..curl up in a sunbeam and do this..

Let's get a close-up of that..

Back to Halloween. Halloween in kinda like an appetizer for the holiday season. I love it because it requires little planning to enjoy. A fun costume, a few friends, a festive gathering, some spooky bevies, treats and done. It's an easy warm-up for the holiday season ahead.

So I've got you covered on the beverage portion of your Halloween. (Costumes, friends and treats not included). Recipe below!..

Scary Cherry Fizz Punch
vegan, one serving

1 cup prosecco or white sparkling wine (nothing fancy needed)
3 Tbsp pomegranate or pom-cherry juice
Hefty splash of ginger ale (about 2-3 Tbsp)
1-3 Maraschino Cherries (I used Tillen Farms brand)
*spooky skull cherry skewer, or similar
(optional) splash of sweetened cherry syrup from Maraschino Cherry jar
(optional) splash of orange juice, fresh-squeezed


1. Combine all ingredients in a chilled drink glass. Skewer cherries, or simply plop into the glass.

Serve chilled!

Virgin Option. Replace the prosecco with 1/2 part ginger ale and 1/2 part lemon-lime or club soda. And I would add-in the optional citrus juice. About 1/2 orange squeezed per glass.

Brandied-Option. You can also add in a shot of brandy per glass. If you do this I would advise serving the drink "on the rocks" to dilute the alcohol a tad. You can even use coconut water ice cubes. Or make ginger ale ice cubes in advance.

Spicy Option: Add in a dash of cayenne for a devilish spicy kick to your sip.

Spooky. Scary.

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