*Dip Diva* iPhone App! ..your party just got Better.

Just in time for the holidays, I am proud to announce my second HHL vegan recipe iPhone App: Dip Diva!

Your Party just Got Better! Bring on the friends and family, the holiday parties, sports-fests and weekend get-togethers. Entertaining just got easier. And your party just got better! Go on, be a dip diva!..

Dip Diva
brings you over 20 creative, 100% vegan recipes with step-by-step instructions. These recipes were hand-selected by me as my personal faves and go-to dip recipes. Commentary and yummy dip photos accompany each recipe. Plus I've included a bonus Ingredient Add-in's List to inspire you.

Your guests will swoon.. "What's your recipe??" Just tell them it's your little secret. ..such a diva!

Get the inside scoop on my fun new App...

You won't be bored with this wide variety: bean dips, veggie dips, nut spreads/cheeses, lively dressings and more. Spicy, sweet, zesty, classic and fun. From a vegan spinach dip that will leave you feeling like Popeye, to a savory cashew cheese that your gourmet guests will swoon over.

*don't have an iPhone? DROID Apps in the works.. fingers crossed*

Dip Diva iPhone App Features..

* 100% Vegan! Make sure your 'dip platter' is 100% vegan this season. Your guests will thank you when they realize how much healthier and figure-friendly these delicious vegan dips are. No need to stumble through vegan ingredient substitution guesswork. woo-hoo!

* Tested Recipes. Each recipe was tried, tested and loved by me. I provide commentary on each recipe - with quips about nutrition, lifestyle and ingredients.

* The App that Grows. Yes, I'll be adding more dips to the App in the future - and you'll get free updates!

* Recipes Anytime, Anyplace. Now you can get the recipes on your IPhone without an internet connection. Anytime, anyplace. Save paper - no printing out recipes needed.

* Quality vs. Quantity. If you're looking for a solid, creative, healthy, yum-approved rotation of recipes for your dip platter this season - this App is for you. You'll find enough dips/spreads/cheese/dressings to keep you inspired and showcase your inner dip-diva-ness to all your guests.

No, my App doesn't contain a ga-zillion recipes. But really, who needs hundreds of recipes anyways? Discover your favorite recipes and make them your 'signature dips' this season.

* Yummy Photos. Recipe photos accompany each and every recipe. Some of the other recipe Apps are stingy on photos.

* Bonus Dip Ingredient Add-In's List is included.

* Creativity! You won't find boring predictable dip recipes in my App. I always try to think "outside the dip bowl" when crafting my vegan recipes.

* Easy-to-Follow. Ingredients plus step-by-step Instructions for each recipe. Some dips even have how-to photos in the instructions.

Dip Diva Promo Page.

See Dip Diva in the App Store.

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