Purple Pepper Eater Breakfast Sandwich. Vegan.

My Purple Pepper Eater Breakfast Sandwich is the perfect hazy morning, (does-the-weather-actually-say-sixty-five-degrees-her-in-NYC?) morning bite.

Grilled purple Farmer's Market bell peppers, thick purple boysenberry jam, a spicy hint of thin habanero salsa and toasted pepitas. All layered between a spelt English muffin with a grilled soy sausage patty. Perfect for the cool breeze mornings ahead of us. Get ready for the countdown to fall, with this recipe...

My cell photo of midtown NYC, as a cool breeze hit my face:

A Change in the Winds. What was that?

Friday night: a gust of cold, crisp air.

A cold breeze? Really? I had almost forgotten when those feel like. This heatwave summer seemed endless. But with my back turned to the Fifth Avenue, a swift gust of cool drifted from the south, between the tall blue buildings and through my hair.

Then on Sunday it rained.

Monday it rained more. A cold, chilly rain that made me actually switch the air conditioner "off".

And today, another foggy, chilly, below 70 degrees morning.

Yup, it's definitely a breakfast sandwich and hot latte sort of morning...

New Weather. New Season. New School Year.

"Are you a new student?" asked the Starbucks barista from behind the counter.
"No." I replied after a brief baffled pause.
"Oh." He said with a disappointed look on his face. As if I had guessed the wrong price on The Price is Right. Probably some "new student" discount. But my point is...

At that moment - it hit me that summer was winding down. Fall is eagerly awaiting its cue. when I looked around that Astor Place Starbucks the signs of fall were everywhere: NYU Students. Coffee. And note , these were hot coffee and tea beverages being ordered. Sweaters. Umbrellas. Books. Bags. Studying. Faces huddled behind laptop screens or fumbling through notebooks.

Power up with my Purple Pepper Eater Breakfast Sandwich this fall. It's only a month away.

Maybe you are one of those students starting a new school year, or maybe you are sending your kids off to class - or maybe you are ready to hunker down for a productive fall season. Whatever it may be - start you day off right! With a healthy, delicious, fun vegan breakfast.

This breakfast sandwich recipe has protein, healthy grains, grilled veggies and spicy salsa, toasted seeds and you can even take it "to-go". A warm breakfast sandwich will energize you in the morning - and keep you alive - clear into the afternoon. Add a small fruit bowl on the side and your hearty fast breakfast is served.

Purple Pepper Eater Breakfast Sandwich
vegan, makes two sandwiches

1 small purple bell pepper, sliced thin/long
1/2 cup of soy sausage, formed into two round patties
2 spelt english muffins, sliced
2 tsp habanero red salsa
2 Tbsp boysenberry jam
2 tsp spicy roasted pepitas (pumpkin seeds)
black pepper
EVOO for rubbing soy patties on grill


1. I use my panini press to make these sandwiches - but you can also use a stove top grill or saute pan and a toaster. Toast or grill spelt english muffins until tender and slightly crisp on the edges.

2. Form soy sausage into two patties and rub with EVOO. Place on the grill and cook until plump, tender and juicy.

3. Place pepper strips on top of patties and press down on the panini press - if using grill pan, grill peppers separately.

4. Spread salsa on one side of the muffin. Jam on the other. Sprinkle pepitas over top the salsa. Black pepper too. You can also toast the pepitas on the grill/panini press as well. I place mine right on the patties and grill for the last minute of so. The pepitas get nice and toasted. I use spicy pepitas. You can toss plain pepitas in some cayenne for extra spiciness.

5. Transfer each patty to the muffins and place top on. Slice with care and serve warm.

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