NYC Sunset Photos. Updated! Seaside/Rooftop.

Last night the sunset in New York City was amazing! I was sitting in my living room when the windows in the building across the street suddenly turned a glowing pink color - I turned to my husband and said "Is that the sunset?!"

Like any good photographer, I grabbed my camera and ran up to my roof. Here are my pretty pink and glowing orange NYC sunset photos.

NYC Photography Break. And no, this post has nothing to do with food. But who doesn't enjoy a pretty NYC sunset? If you need a food-quip, I was munching on my baked cashew cheese mid-sunset. Nice. See my photos..

Two sets of NYC Sunset Photos below.
1. "Seas-side"
2. Roof-top

UPDATED 8/28/2010: More Sunset Pics! These are taken seaside! Well, Hudson-side.

"Sea-Side" Sunset NYC

PART TWO "Roof Sunset NYC" below..

Photos below taken on downtown NYC rooftop on Aug 18th 2010

Downtown Rooftop Sunset, facing west, NYC:

Glowing Rooftops:

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