Last Call for Summer... Vegan Smoothies! Photos.

Last call for the summer sun and last call for the 2-smoothie-a-day summer we will soon be putting behind us. (I think, will this heat ever end??) But before the summer sun sets, and my blender gets a little well-deserved R&R, there's still time to raise a smoothie glass to this heatwave summer to remember and celebrate the cool fall days ahead of us. My Photo Summer Smoothie Tribute...

The term 'heatwave' has new meaning to me after the triple-digit-heavy summer we've been having here in NYC.

As a girl from the cool coast of Northern California, I'm usually pretty amused by the twisting, turning seasonal weather of the east coast. One flint of snow flurries and I start skipping down the street like I've never seen snow before. One bolt of lightening and my eyes become wide with wonder. Triple digits on my Mac dashboard weather monitor and I sink into my chair in a over dramatic melting motion.

But this past year has dragged me out of the 'seasonal weather' kiddie pool and pushed me off the high-dive board and straight into the deep end of the 'weather pool'.

After a crazy winter of snow up to my waist and this summer which I lovingly refer to as the "two smoothie a day" summer. I am ready for a cool, crisp fall filled with brisk apple/chestnut-pumpkin scented breezes, muffins baking in a warm stove, hot soy cocoa and forecasts where puffy sweaters, boots and scarves are the 'heavy duty' preparations needed to head out into the mild, refreshing air.

But fall is still a month away, so why not soak in the summer sun while you can. Soak it up and sip a few smoothies or ogle my smoothie photos below. Get my vegan smoothie IPhone App and stay cool and healthy.

Summer speeds on by. But instead of grabbing a MrSoftee treat (pic below), why not grab a smoothie. Your body, mind and spirit will thank you. (My Smoothie Photo Tribute below)

HHL Summer Smoothie Tribute...
*All smoothie recipes can be found on the Smoothies IPhone App or in the Smoothies recipe index*

Acai Soy Blueberry:

Peachy Lychee Daiquiri:

Acai Berry:

Pink Cashew Juice Smoothie:

Kiwi Acai:

Calm Chamomile Tea Smoothie:

AM Kickstart Wild Blueberry Acai Smoothie:

Chocolate Strawberry Banana Shake:

Totally Tropical Citrus Smoothie:

Frosty Pink Lemonade:

Almond Banana Energy Shake:

Red White Blue Smoothie:

AM Kickstart Wild Blueberry Acai Smoothie:

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