10 Recipes: Fresh-Pressed Juice to Start Your Day!

Groggy and thirsty, you tug yourself from your warm cozy bed after three rounds of "snooze" on your blaring alarm. Time to rise and shine! Here's one way to brush the morning groggies away and unveil your shiny, lustrous self that is ready and excited to face whatever adventures the day brings...

Start you day with fresh-pressed juice! Optimum nutrients and live, good-for-you, fresh-fruit and veggie enzymes. Cravable sweet, tangy, tropical, citrus-filled, bright, crisp and all around yummy flavors. If you don't own a juicer (buying guide here) become a regular at your town's nearest juice bar. Now lets get glowing this morning.

Here are ten yummy fresh-pressed juices to inspire you. What's your favorite fresh-pressed morning juice???...

Wake Up to Fresh-Pressed Juice...

Ten Juice Recipes to Start Your Day - with Photos!

1. Cantaloupe Ginger Juice
Peachy Pink Smooth and Sweet with a Hint of Spice - hydrating and packed with Vitamin A!

(shown above)

2. Vibrant Green Ginger Tonic
Sassy and Sweet Green Juice - palate cleansing kick!

3. My "AM Sunrise" Juice
Zippy Citrus Flavors - spicy and sweet to wake you up from the inside out!

4. Green Juice - 101
Super Green Powered AM! - Have your Green Juice and Make it too! Recipe and guide to crafting your favorite green juice blend.

5. Super Sinus Juice
Allergies be gone - or at least fight them off swifter with this immune-system boosting spicy juice.

6. Spicy Sweet Golden Beet Juice
Vitamin A galore - sweet beets are delicious juiced!

7. Fresh Pineapple Juice
Classic Bromelain Enzyme Rich Pineapple - fresh pressed taste. Compare THIS to a canned pineapple juice! Must try freshness! Tropical Island Bliss.

8. Papaya Juice
My fave morning fruit - in a glass. Gulp, gulp, gulp.

9. Ginger Juice Shooter
Not into a Full Glass?? Try this wake-you-up spicy shot of ginger and pear!

10. My Glass is Greener Juice
Fresh, pure and full of sweet green flavor. Super power you AM with green...

Juicing 101 - Juicing guide and buying guide
Meet My Juicer

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