Healthy Voyager Radio Show: Kid Healthy Eats - Interview!

Yesterday I was thrilled to chat with Carolyn from on her Healthy Voyager Radio Show. You can listen to my interview on itunes - or listen here. Click ahead to get links to products/recipes discussed on the show - and learn more about Carolyn's vegan-travel-chic Healthy Voyager website...

Rainbow Wraps:

You can listen to my interview of Carolyn's Healthy Voyager Radio Show:

*Listen on itunes via podcast
*Listen via Carolyn's Site
*Direct MP3 clip link

Chatted About on the Show:

* My Smoothies Recipes Index here.
* Kid-Friendly Recipes Index here.
* Here are the links to the Rainbow Wraps Kid Recipes I mentioned during the show:

*Veggie Rainbow Wraps
*Fruit Rainbow Wraps

* Also mentioned on the show: My three Lunchbox Bunch Children's books. You can buy my Lunchbox Bunch books online here:

Lunchbox Alphabet
On the Case: Super Senses!
The Wiggle Jiggle Book!

More About Carolyn, the Healthy Voyager!...

Worldly Vegan Foodie Adventure Gal. Carolyn has quite a few amazing adventures under her belt. Here's a taste of Carolyn's recent adventures detailed on her website:

*Where in the world is Playa del Carmen? - aqua water photos galore!

*Healthy Voyager Tours - Machu Pichu in October - Vegan/special diet -friendly travel tours! Her first adventure this October will take guests to Peru. Sign up now.

*You Mexi-can Eat Healthy South of the Border - Ole!

*Cancun Honeymoon - Healthy voyager Approved!

*LA Vegan Ice Cream - City Secrets.

The Vegan Rachael Ray? I like to describe Carolyn as the vegan Rachael Ray - circa Rach's $40 a Day show years (I loved that show!) Carolyn has a huge index of travel videos and reviews on her site - so if you are heading out on an adventure be sure and check Carolyn's site for tips/insider finds. You can follower Carolyn on Twitter: @HealthyVoyager

Bonus Interview Link: Yesterday was an "interview with Kathy" kind of day - you can read another Q and A with Kathy on (Justin was my sous Chef at the DOLE California Cook-Off last month)

More pics of those yummy kid-friendly Rainbow Wraps (recipe links above)..

Fruit Wraps:

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