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I am excited to announce that this week I launched my brand new website,

The Vision: We all love browsing food photos, recipes, products and blogs. Wouldn't it be awesome if there was an easy-to-browse website where every 'find' was vegan? Now there is..

Finding Vegan: All things vegan. Found.

What is it? Finding Vegan is a user-submitted, photo-based site where you are invited to share cool, yummy, fun, inspiring "vegan finds" - that includes recipes, books, products and more!

So far, the feedback on FV has been extraordinary! Check out some of the yummy already-posted submissions in the photo above. (Get these recipe links later in this post).

Find out more and how you can get involved!...

A Very Wide Vegan World. As you may recall, I recently posted my list of Best Vegan Blogs. Well with 330+ listed and growing - it can be tricky to keep up with all the inspiring vegan finds online. FV is there to help you stay in the know of all the latest and greatest vegan recipes, products, news and more.

Spread The Word! I hope you will pass on the news about Finding Vegan to your vegan-curious contacts. And yes, the goal of FV is to allow everyone to explore vegan finds and satisfy their curiosity.

Share and find on Finding Vegan.

Finding vegan Wants YOU! Are you a blogger, owner, brand manager or everyday creative anyone who wants to get involved? Here's how you can participate and how FV can benefit your website, product, restaurant, book, business or brand...

Submitters: how can benefit you:

* Drive traffic to your blog, website or social network.
* Promote your product, book, service or business.
* Discover something new!

What Can You Submit?
Recipes - Food - Drinks - Fashion - Books - Travel - Events - Products - People/Interviews - Resources - Dining - Science - Animals - Health/Wellness News - Celebs - Tips - and more.

Submitting is Easy. No need to register. Submission guidelines and FAQ's here.

You'll even be able to track your submissions using the website tag FV provides you. Start submitting today and share your finds and links with the FV viewers!

The Basics. When you find an image and description that appeals to you, all you do is click on it and it will link you to the website with more info on the image. Maybe a recipe, a book review, new vegan product, a how-to guide, a thoughtful article, pop culture quip and more!

You can also browse by TAG's like #recipe #dessert #drink #raw #glutenfree #product and more. You can ever browse by user.

Plus FV is ever-evolving - with many site improvements and updates in the works.

Launch Thank You! There's always a mix of emotions when launching a new project, especially since so much time and passion has gone into Finding Vegan. But everyday my submissions inbox has been full of even more beautiful, inspiring and artistic submissions than the day before - and that makes me very excited about the Finding Vegan future. Thank you to all who have submitted so far!

HHL... And don't worry I'll still be just as active posting my own recipes here on Healthy Happy Life. This is simply an extension of what I love to do: share vegan happiness, health and recipes online!

Anyone Can Find Vegan. With so many vegan, vegetarian and non-vegan folks experiencing a curiosity about "all things vegan" I'm proud to have a space where anyone can explore, share and find...vegan!
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Get the Vegan Recipes for the user-submitted photos in title image above:
*from upper left, to right*
* Spaghetti Bologenese by VeggieNumNum
* Pepper Rice by IndianSimmer
* Pea/Avocado Penne by VeggieNumNum
* Orange/Grapefruit Marmalade by FeastingonArt
* Champagne Lime/Mango Sorbet by YoungDCLiving
* Cucumber Wasabi Gazpacho by KitchenBloodyKitchen
* Raspberry Mango Ice Cream by InstantEnergyRecipes
* Coconut Sugar Lemonade by SweetonVeg
* Blackberry Brownies by ManifestVegan
* 4-Grain Salad by HappyLittleVegans
* Coconut Curried Summer Squash Soup by NaturallyElla
* Vanilla Agave Cupcakes by HappyLittleVegans

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