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Searching for the Best Vegan Blogs on the web? Look no further. I've researched, scrolled and scoured the web for the best vegan blogs.


Listed. I've included two lists:

1) Top Favorites - these are the websites I personally visit regularly for a number of reasons. If you don't see your site here and honestly think it should be please reach out to me - the web is vast and I have not seen every single vegan site (though I DO try!)

2) Vegan Blogs Index - a comprehensive list of awesome vegan blogs on the web. I have personally visited every site on my list and want to visit more! If you don't see your favorite vegan blog on my list please @reply me on Twitter @Lunchboxbunch with the tag #BestVeganBlogs and I'll add it to this post. I've added a good handful of blogs already - keep them coming!

See my Top Vegan Blogs...

What is a Vegan Blog? Funny enough, when I started my Healthy. Happy. Life. blog a few years ago I never considered it a "vegan blog". Yes I was posting vegan recipes, but I was more focused on promoting my blog as a place to find delicious, creative recipes and wellness tips for a healthy happy life. Thus the name...

Vegan in Demand. Increasingly, folks everywhere are experimenting with vegan food and they are curious to learn more. I call these people vegan newbies. Maybe you are one of them. Experimenting with a few vegan recipes, but not yet ready to commit to the sometimes painstaking (always rewarding) lifestyle of being vegan. This list is a nice place for newbies to start.

Craving Vegan Food? If vegan has perked your interest you've dined at restaurants like Pure Food and Wine, Dirt Candy, Real Food Daily, Blossom, Babycakes and Millennium - all are enticing vegans and non-vegans alike.

Vegan Photos. Or maybe you saw a delicious-looking snapshot of some vegan food on the web. Like my recipe for Vegan Ricotta Lasagna . "That's vegan?" many people will say.

If I haven't made you hungry for vegan food yet watch this "Are You Hungry" video - and you'll see my point.

Beyond Food Blogs. Vegan blogs aren't just about food. The other side of vegan blogs: animals. Bunny logos. Kitty cats. Lovable loyal dogs. Cute perky ducks and chickens soaking in the sun. And while I try to not get too political on my recipe/food themed blog - vegan recipes and compassion do go hand in hand.

Here is my comprehensive guide to Vegan Blogs on the Web! A short descriptive quip graces each of my Top Favorites picks.

Note: A few of these "blogs" are actually websites. But I included them because of their dynamic content - similar to that of a traditional blog. is a good example of this. It's not a 'blog' - but still a top vegan site.

Also, I only included sites that are seemingly active and given a lot of LOVE.

Best Vegan Blogs (my top favorites) List

These are my favorite sites to find vegan recipes, photos, ideas, news, tips, reviews and more! *in no particular order*

1. Healthy Happy Life
Moi. Vegan recipes, photos, wellness tips for a healthy happy life.
2. Crazy Sexy Life
Solid content (and lots of it) from a few fave VEG superstars.
3. Girlie Girl Army
Your guide to Glamazon Living. Fashion, food, fun from Chloe Jo.
4. Healthy Voyager
Vegan Travel. Videos and more. Someone give this girl a travel show!
5. VegBlogs
Vegan blog links - updated frequently.
6. VegDaily
Crazy obsessed with the vegetarian lifestyle, co-founder @mparrishdudell
7. The Discerning Brute
Joshua Katcher: food, fashion, and etiquette for the ethically handsome man.
8. The Kind Life
Alicia Silverstone's website spin-off from her book "The Kind Diet".
9. Babycakes - blog
Yummy, fun updates from one of your fave vegan NYC/LA bakeries.
10. Quarry Girl
Vegan living/eating in LA - cool content, fab photos. Operation Pancake.
11. The Blissful Chef
Blissful Vegan Chef and educator Christy Morgan.
12. Fat Free Vegan Kitchen
Susan V's delicious vegan recipes and food photos.
13. Dirt Candy Blog
Super fun blog by Dirt Candy owner/Chef Amanda Cohen.
14. Discovering Raw
Tummy-growl warning: Beautiful food photography - lots of Pure Food and Wine pics.
15. Tastespotting - vegan's tag for all VEGAN recipes. Updated hourly.
16. FoodGawker - vegan's VEGAN category - updated hourly.
17. PPK
The Veganomicon author's vast everything-vegan site. Fabulous discussion boards.
18. G Living
Just discovered this modern, chic, video, trend-infused site. New fave.
19. Cafe Veg News and Veg News
Vegan eats, news, trends and more, everyday! The best vegan magazine.
20. Bitter Sweet
Lovely blog with recipes/photos from author of My Sweet Vegan.
21. Nutrition for Empowered Women
Alex (from the Super Size Me movie) and her fabulous vegan nutrition site.
22. We Like it Raw
Everything RAW.
Everything VEGAN.
24. Kathy Freston
NY Times Best-selling author and Wellness Expert Kathy Freston. Great info.
25. Kristen's Raw
Kristen serves up delicious raw food tips, recipes, photos and life lessons.
26. Pure Food and Wine Sarma's Blog
Sarma co-founder/owner of Pure Food and Wine in NYC. She is an inspiring, real writer - I never miss her blog posts.
27. The Clean Eating Mama
Photos, recipes and insight from Tasha the Clean Eating Mama.
28. Karina's Kitchen
Recipes and advice from the gluten free goddess Karina.
29. Marilu
Vegan trailblazer, NY Times best-selling author and actress Marilu - blog posts and updates.
30. Meatless Monday
Your homepage for all things Meatless on Mondays.
31. HLife Media
Healthy Living Re-Defined. Just found this site - LOVE it!
32. Ecorazzi
It's like the TMZ of green, healthy, vegan peeps in-the-know. Only nicer.
33. Vegansaurus
San Francisco vegans can delight in this peppy fun blog w/ delicious vegan info!
34. Healthy Bitch Daily
I LOVE this skinny bitch's website. ....from Kim B co-author of the Skinny Bitch book.
35. Vegan Mainstream
Priceless resource for vegan businesses and consumers alike. Info galore.
36. Finding vegan
All things vegan. Found.
37. Oh She Glows. Awesomeness. Lover her blog. Photos are gorg. Food is fresh and delish.

Keep Reading! Check out how many awesome vegan sites there are below!

Grab a smoothie and start cruising these sites! And keep up the great work bloggers!!....

Complete Index of Vegan Blogs and Websites

If you want your site listed - simply @reply my on Twitter - @Lunchboxbunch - with the tag #BestVeganBlogs and I will be sure to add you to this list.

*don't forget some sites may be filed under starting with "The"

500 Vegan Recipes
A Good Clean Life
Addicted to Veggies
Alissa Cohen Blog
All About Vegan Food
All That Vegan Jazz
Almost Vegan
An Herbavore's Guide to Lite Eating
Awesome Vegan Rad
An Opera Singer in the Kitchen
Andrea's Easy Vegan Cooking
Any Phyo
Ari Soloman
Autonomie Project blog
Avoiding Milk Protein
B36 Kitchen
Babs Goes Vegan
Babycakes - blog
Bean Vegan
Becoming Vegan
Big Raw Vegan Blog
Bitchin Dietitian
Bitt of Raw
Bitter Sweet
Blissfully Vegan
Bob Harper Blog
Bohemian Vegan
Bonzai Aphrodite
But What Does She Eat?
By Any Greens Necessary
Cafe Veg News
Cake Maker to the Stars
Candy Penny
C'est la Vegan
Chia Seed Me
Chic Vegan
Chicago Soy Dairy - blog
Chicos and Beans
Coconut Raita
Chocolate Covered Katie
Choosing Raw
Chow Vegan
Cinnaholic - blog
Clean Eats in the Dirty South
Compassionate Cooks
Constant Cravings
Cook. Vegan. Lover.
Cooking with T
Crazy Sexy Life
Cute and Delicious
Dawn Watch
DC Vegan
Diet Dessert and Dogs
Dina Knight
Dirt Candy Blog
Discovering Raw
Down Home Vegan
Down to Earth
Dreamin it Vegan
Dreena's Vegan Recipes
Earth Mother - In the Raw
Earth Muffin
Eat Drink Better
Eat Drink and Be Vegan
Eat Pure
Eats Well With Others
Eco Luxe Magazine
Eggless Cooking
Farm Sanctuary
Fat bottom Bakery
Fat Free Vegan Kitchen
Feel Good Guru - Food
FoodGawker - vegan
Gene Baur's Blog - Making Hay
G Living
Ginger is the New Pink
Girlie Girl Army
Gluten-Free Tries Vegan
Gluten-Free Vegan
Gone Raw
Good Good Things
GoodBite - vegan
Green Mommy Blog
Green Vegan Living
Green Wedding Blog
Growing Up Veg
Green With Glamour Blog
Haiku Tofu
Happy Cow
Happy Herbivore
Happy Little Vegans
Happy Vegan Face
Happy Vegetable
Have Cake, Will Travel
Hardcore Herbivore
Health and Happiness in LA
Healthy Bitch Daily
Healthy Happy Life
Healthy Happy Well
Healthy Tipping Point
Healthy Voyager
Heather Mills - News
Hello Veggie
HLife Media
Hugger Food
Hungry Vegan
I Eat Grass
I Eat Trees
Irreverent Vegan
Jack Norris RD
JL Goes Vegan
Joanna Vaught
Karina's Kitchen
Kathy Freston
Kind Green Planet
Kindly Indulge Me
Kirsten's Kitchen
Kiss Me, I'm Vegan
Kitchen Bloody Kitchen
Know Thank You
Kohlrabia and Quince
Kristen's Raw
Lazy Smurf's Guide
Lesley Eats
Let's Get Sconed
Let's See What Happens
Lifestyles of the Chic and Vegan
Little Things Are Big
Little Vegan Planet
Live It Up Vegan
Livin Veg
Living Foods
Living Without Meat
Lovebirds Kitchen
Lovin Livin Vegan
Low Fat Vegan Recipes
Manifest Vegan
Marty's Flying
Meatless Monday
Meet the Shannons
Melissa's Vegan Blog
Midwest Veg
Mobetta Vegan
Moby - Journal
Mom's Vegan Kitchen
Moo Shoes
Musings from the Fishbowl
Namely Marly
Native Foods Blog
Neil Barnard -PCRM
Never Home Maker
Notes From the Vegan Feast Kitchen
Nourish the Spirit
Nutrition for Empowered Women
Oh, For Pete's Sake
Opera girl Cooks
Our Hen House
Paul Eats
Peas and Thank You
Picks Over Peas
Planet Verge
Plant Based Dietitian
Powered by Produce
Post Punk Kitchen
Pride and Vegudice
Pure Food and Wine Sarma's Blog
Pure Mamas
Quantum Vegan
Quarry Girl
Queer Vegan Runner
Rabbit Food
Raw Food Crafting
Raw Vegan Radio
Real Food Daily Blog
Roadside organics
Sassy Kitchen
Savvy Abby
Seitan is my Motor
Selfish Vegan
Sexy Tofu
Shannon Dunn
Show Me Vegan
Simple Green Girl
Skinny Bitch
SoMe Vegans
Soundly Vegan
Soy Happy
Speed Vegan
Spork Foods
Sun Food Community
Sundae Mornings
Super Vegan
Strawberry Pepper
Sweet Beet and Green Bean
Sweet on Veg
Tale of Two Vegans
Tastespotting - vegan
The Airy Way
The Best of Raw Food
The Blissful Chef
The Blooming Platter
The Clean Eating Mama
The Clean Program
The Daily Green
The Dirty Vegan
The Discerning Brute
The Fat Free Vegan
The Kind Life
The Lunchbox Bunch
The PETA Files
The Raw Food Site
The "V" Word
The Vegan Diet
The Vegan Dietitian
The Vegan Mom
The Vegan Mouse
The Vegan Project
The Vegan Store
The Year of the Vegan
The Happy Raw Kitchen
The Unprocessed Life
The Urban Housewife
The VeganAsana
The Veganette
Vivaciously Vegan
The Voracious Vegan
This Dish is Veg
This is Vegan
To Happy Vegans
To Live and Eat in LA
Tofu N Sproutz
Tofu and Collards
Traveling Vegan
Tree hugger
Tree of Live Rejuvenation Center Blog
Troo Food Liberation
Upton's Natural Recipe Blog
Urban Vegan
Veg Bitch
Veg Blogs
Veg Daily
Veg News
Veg News Book Club
Veg News - Press Pass
Veg News - This Just In
Veg Paradise
Vegan Americana
Vegan Appetite
Vegan Awakening
Vegan Bake Sale
Vegan Baking
Vegan Bits
Vegan Bus
Vegan Coach
Vegan Cookbook Critic
Vegan Crunk
Vegan Dad
Vegan Dance if you Want to
Vegan Eats and Treats
Vegan Essentials
Vegan Family Style
Vegan Fitness
Vegan Foody
Vegan Future
Vegan Good Things
Vegan Guinea Pig
Vegan Health Org
Vegan Homeade
Vegan Ice Cream
Vegan in Brussels
Vegan in Suburbia
Vegan in the Sun
Vegan Lunchbox
Vegan Lush
Vegan Mainstream
Vegan Mania
Vegan MissAdventures in the Kitchen
Vegan Num Num
Vegan RD
Vegan Runners
Vegan Shoe Addict
Vegan Soapbox
Vegan Soul Power
Vegan Sprout
Vegan Treats
Vegan Version
Vegan Vice
Vegan Woman
Vegan Yum Yum
Veganize it..Don't Criticize it.
Vegans of Color
Vegetarian Meals .org
Vegetarian Times
Veggie 101
Veggie Alchemy
Veggie Belly
Veggie Conquest
Veggie Edge
Veggie Terrain
Veggie Thing
Veggie Vacations
Veggie Wedgie
Walking the Vegan Line
Wayne Pacelle Blog
We Like it Raw
We Want Raw
Weekly Vegan Menu
Welcoming Kitchen
What do vegan's eat?
What the hell does a vegan eat anyway?
What Would Cathy Eat?
Whole Eating Blog
Whole Food Vegan
Wing it Vegan
World Peace Diet Blog
Yeah, that Vegan Sh*t!
Your Daily Vegan
Your Vegan Mom

Vegan Web-Surfing Lunch. Grab a big salad and peruse these amazing vegan blogs... (recipe: cashew nut ricotta cheese, seen below)

recipe: almond dips - 3 ways

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