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I am excited to announce that this week I launched my brand new website,

The Vision: We all love browsing food photos, recipes, products and blogs. Wouldn't it be awesome if there was an easy-to-browse website where every 'find' was vegan? Now there is..

Finding Vegan: All things vegan. Found.

What is it? Finding Vegan is a user-submitted, photo-based site where you are invited to share cool, yummy, fun, inspiring "vegan finds" - that includes recipes, books, products and more!

So far, the feedback on FV has been extraordinary! Check out some of the yummy already-posted submissions in the photo above. (Get these recipe links later in this post).

Find out more and how you can get involved!...

A Very Wide Vegan World. As you may recall, I recently posted my list of Best Vegan Blogs. Well with 330+ listed and growing - it can be tricky to keep up with all the inspiring vegan finds online. FV is there to help you stay in the know of all the latest and greatest vegan recipes, products, news and more.

Spread The Word! I hope you will pass on the news about Finding Vegan to your vegan-curious contacts. And yes, the goal of FV is to allow everyone to explore vegan finds and satisfy their curiosity.

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Finding vegan Wants YOU! Are you a blogger, owner, brand manager or everyday creative anyone who wants to get involved? Here's how you can participate and how FV can benefit your website, product, restaurant, book, business or brand...

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What Can You Submit?
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Submitting is Easy. No need to register. Submission guidelines and FAQ's here.

You'll even be able to track your submissions using the website tag FV provides you. Start submitting today and share your finds and links with the FV viewers!

The Basics. When you find an image and description that appeals to you, all you do is click on it and it will link you to the website with more info on the image. Maybe a recipe, a book review, new vegan product, a how-to guide, a thoughtful article, pop culture quip and more!

You can also browse by TAG's like #recipe #dessert #drink #raw #glutenfree #product and more. You can ever browse by user.

Plus FV is ever-evolving - with many site improvements and updates in the works.

Launch Thank You! There's always a mix of emotions when launching a new project, especially since so much time and passion has gone into Finding Vegan. But everyday my submissions inbox has been full of even more beautiful, inspiring and artistic submissions than the day before - and that makes me very excited about the Finding Vegan future. Thank you to all who have submitted so far!

HHL... And don't worry I'll still be just as active posting my own recipes here on Healthy Happy Life. This is simply an extension of what I love to do: share vegan happiness, health and recipes online!

Anyone Can Find Vegan. With so many vegan, vegetarian and non-vegan folks experiencing a curiosity about "all things vegan" I'm proud to have a space where anyone can explore, share and find...vegan!
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Get the Vegan Recipes for the user-submitted photos in title image above:
*from upper left, to right*
* Spaghetti Bologenese by VeggieNumNum
* Pepper Rice by IndianSimmer
* Pea/Avocado Penne by VeggieNumNum
* Orange/Grapefruit Marmalade by FeastingonArt
* Champagne Lime/Mango Sorbet by YoungDCLiving
* Cucumber Wasabi Gazpacho by KitchenBloodyKitchen
* Raspberry Mango Ice Cream by InstantEnergyRecipes
* Coconut Sugar Lemonade by SweetonVeg
* Blackberry Brownies by ManifestVegan
* 4-Grain Salad by HappyLittleVegans
* Coconut Curried Summer Squash Soup by NaturallyElla
* Vanilla Agave Cupcakes by HappyLittleVegans


Sunny Spicy Wrap. Or Cheesy Quesadilla.

My Sunny Spicy Raw Veggie Wrap (or cheesy Quesadilla) will leave you feeling just-ate-my-veggies good! But this is moody food...

What's your mood? Naughty or nice? I have two easy, healthy vegan recipes to offer you - inspired by my base inspiration: Spicy Seeded Carrot and Zucchini Slaw.

Feeling Nice: A raw spicy wrap filled with savory spicy hummus, crunchy maple/cider-marinated veggies and perky pumpkin seeds.

Feeling Naughty: My spicy slaw is slathered between two XL tortillas and smothered with Daiya cheese for a satisfying grilled quesadilla. Salsa-Guac Verde on the side.

Choose one or try both. The recipes...

Veggie Quesadillas:

Raw Veggie Wraps:

Make More Slaw Than You Need. You'll want to make more than enough veggie slaw for your wraps or quesadilla - because it is a delicious side dish eaten alone. The tender zucchini strips paired with the crunchy sweet carrots, splash of apple cider vinegar, silky EVOO, sweet maple syrup and dash of sea salt and spicy pumpkin seeds. I found myself taking bites of the slaw even before I used it in my recipes. Spicy, sweet, refreshing, delicious! And healthy..

Good Salt. I can't stress enough the importance of investing in a few good gourmet salts for your kitchen pantry. Go with something coarse and naturally flavored with herbs/spices. A gourmet store should have what you need. Gray, pink and black salts are very popular and even trendy right now. I used this citrus salt in this recipe and it intensified all the natural veggie flavors in my wrap. A little pinch of a quality salt goes a long way.

Spiced Seed Zucchini/Carrot Slaw Salad
2 Tbsp roasted pumpkin seeds, spicy flavor - or add a dash of cayenne powder to plain seeds
1 1/2 cups carrots, shredded or julienned
1 1/2 cups zucchini, shredded or julienned
2 Tbsp EVOO
2 Tbsp apple cider vinegar
2 tsp maple syrup
1/2 tsp citrus salt, herbed/coarse
black pepper
optional: fold in some extra cayenne or harissa for extreme spiciness!

Toss ingredients to prep your slaw for the recipes below...

Sunny Spicy Veggie Wrap
vegan, makes 2 wraps

2 extra large wraps/tortillas
2 cups carrot/zucchini slaw salad
4 Tbsp spicy hummus or bean puree
sunflower sprouts, optional
garnish: pumpkin seeds


1. Prep all your veggies: carrots, zucchini.

2. Place all your slaw ingredients in a bowl and toss well.

3. Spread your hummus over the tortilla wraps.

4. Add a nice portion of the slaw - add some sunflower sprouts too if you have them.

5. Grind some fresh pepper over top and a few extra pumpkin seeds. Roll up the wraps and slice. Serve...

Now if you're craving something cheesy?....

Sunny Cheesy Quesadilla
vegan, makes 6 large triangles

2 extra large wraps/tortillas
1 cup carrot/zucchini slaw salad
1/4 cup Daiya Cheese
garnish: pumpkin seeds

Side of Verde Salsa-Guac


1. Place your first tortilla on your grill or panini press.

2. Thinly spread about a cup of slaw on the tortilla.

3. Add your cheese over that. Rub a light layer of the excess slaw juices over top the outside of the tortilla.

4. Place top tortilla on and grill until cheese melts and veggies are tender.

5. Slice into triangles, sprinkle with pumpkin seeds and serve with verde salsa-guac. Serve!

More Photos...


Coconut Water Review. HHL Blind Taste-Test.

Yesterday I had a little fun with my favorite hydration beverage, Coconut Water!...

My husband and I completed the first ever HHL Coconut Water Review with a two-person blind taste testing. A coconut water pageant of sorts. Nine contestants with only one winner. Who will be crowned Top Coconut? The results are in...

8/2012 UPDATE! I have to say that lately for some reason I have fallen IN LOVE with Nirvana coconut water - but the trick is to buy the version in the tall glass bottle. Not the can! Crazy since I hated it when I did this blind taste test .. maybe they changed their sourcing? Who knows. Love it now. Just wanted to update since many of you still read this archive post!

All in Good Fun. OK, OK, so yes my husband and I took this blind taste test very seriously, but I want to remind you that this review represents just the opinions of two people. I like to consider myself a coconut water tasting expert - but really, everyone's tastes are different. So check out the results, but remember to try your own coconut water tasting session and discover what coconut water is your favorite.

The Brands. I selected 8 brands from the store as well as one live whole coconut. You'll see all the top brands in my line-up except for one: Naked. I couldn't find any Naked coconut water so I had to leave it out.

Sidenote, I have tried Naked before and liked it. So don't count it out.

The coconut water brands I did include: ONE, ONE Splash, ZICO plastic bottle, ZICO TetraPak, Amy and Brian, Vita CoCo, Taste Nirvana and Exotic Superfoods. And the whole fresh young coconut I bought at the store and hacked open myself.

The Method. For the taste test I made sure each package was fresh and chilled. I set up 9 uniform opaque tasting cups and labeled them on the bottom. I wrote down which brand was in each cup. Then my husband and I rearranged the cups and not knowing which brand was in what cup - we labeled the cups from 1 to 9 and began sipping and noting.

Also note we did this first thing in the morning so we were thirsty and our palates were clean.

I wrote down my tasting notes after tasting each coconut water. My husband shouted out his notes and I interpreted his comments and facial expressions. He approved all notated comments.

Once we had tasted all the brands - we went back and re-tasted each cup and lined them up from best to worst - based on taste. This line-up represented the end 1-9 Taste Rankings that you will see below.

Lastly, aside from the taste rankings, I felt it was important to discuss other factors you should consider when buying coconut water. Factors like price, availabilty and ease of use.

What Surprised Me. I was shocked by how different the coconut water tasted when I had no idea what brand it was! I thought I would be able to easily distinguish the brands - not so! In most cases I had no idea what brand I was reviewing and sipping as the tasting progressed. But I did know what I liked and what I didn't like..

Coconut Water Taste Test - The Raw Tasting Notes:

K=Kathy(MrsHHL) G=MrHHL


K: Lemony, bright, slightly flat aftertaste.
G: bland. Starts sweet, ends sour.
K: Love the obvious essence flavor. Light, refreshing, clean.
G: Not liking the flavor. I like it pure. Clean though.
K: Oddly milky. Hits the back of my throat. Round, but flat.
G: Flat. Tastes like the bottle was opened. (it wasn't)
K: Way too sweet/bold. Aftertaste like coconut shreds I'd find in a coconut dessert.
G: Strong coconut aftertaste. Too sweet-tastingfor me. Complex.
K: Round, soft flavor. Pleasing. Very drinkable.
G: Not distinguishable. Actually, I like it a lot.
K: Zesty clean, bright flavor. Pure and drinkable. Refreshing!
G: Nice and clean. Like it a lot.
K: Obviously sweet. I like the flavor though. Tropical-tasting.
G: Way too sweet for me - not into the flavors.
K: OMG. So good. Creamy, round, clean, fresh tasting. Could chug gallons of this. Smooth finish.
G: Natural taste. Pure. Oh, it's the best. No phony smell.
K: Super smooth and round flavor. Pure and subtle with a super bright finish.
G: Really like. This is good. Tastes pure.

The Comments Key:

COCO 1 = Vita CoCo, plain Coconut Water
COCO 2 = Orange Peel Essenced ZICO, in Tetra Pak Coconut Water
COCO 3 = ZICO plain, in plastic bottle Coconut Water
COCO 4 = Taste Nirvana, pulp free Coconut Water
COCO 5 = Amy and Brian's, pulp free Coconut Water
COCO 6 = ONE, One Natural Experience Coconut Water
COCO 7 = ONE Guava Splashed Coconut Water
COCO 8 = Real Coconut - Straight from the Whole Coconut, Coconut Water
COCO 9 = Exotic Superfoods Raw Frozen Coconut Water

The Taste Rankings (Taste Test Factors Only):

1. TOP COCONUT: Real Coconut - Fresh Young Coconut Coconut Water
2. Exotic Superfoods Raw Frozen
3. ONE plain coconut water
Tie 4. ZICO Tetra Pak Orange Peel Essenced
Tie 4. Amy and Brian's pulp free
6. Vita CoCo plain
7. ONE Guava Splashed
8. ZICO plain, plastic bottle, from concentrate
9. Taste Nirvana

The Lesson. Overall the HHL Coconut Water Review was a fun experience and a good wake up call in confirming that not all coconut water brands are created equal.

Other Factors. I want to discuss a few other factors to consider when buying coconut water:

1) Price - One small container on coconut water can cost anywhere from $1 - $3+ (depending on where and how you buy it). The key is to buy in bulk when you spot a sale on your favorite brand. I'll admit that the two highest ranking coconut water options are also the most expensive. So if you are looking for a budget price - you may have to compromise taste a tiny bit.

2) Availability. Just as the top two brands are costly - they are also hard to find. You probably want to buy coconut water on your routine shopping trip - and your store may only have one or two brands.

3) Ease of Use. Opening a fresh young coconut is a pain! It can ruin your knife and drive you a little nuts. Plus, a real coconut is heavy and tricky to store. Tetra Paks and even the re-seal able varieties are obviously the easiest varieties to use/drink.

4) Variety. There are a number of factors that distinguish coconut water varieties:
* pulp vs pulp free
* plain vs flavored
* frozen vs fresh
* 100% pure vs from concentrate
* 1 liter size vs 11 ounce size
* store-bought vs online buying

...try a wide variety of options and soon you'll discover what you like best.

In Closing. The winner: the coconut water that came straight from the coconut. Was it really a fair fight?

However, I know a few people who don't like the intense flavor or straight-from-the-coconut water. So preferences do vary.

I was happy with the results - it appears I am buying the brands that I enjoy the most - marketing and packaging aside. It's amazing how a blind-taste distorts all your preexisting perceptions about what you are drinking.

But I Can't Find Those!
It's true, the top two ranked coconut waters are pretty hard to find in most stores - so for mainstream shopping, and ease of budget and drinking my top three recommendations are:

ZICO in the Tetra Pak (not the plastic bottle)
Amy and Brian's pulp free

For budget and taste conscious shoppers, I think finding ONE at Trader Joe's for only $3 a liter is your best bet.

Happy Coconut Water Drinking!!

...what would your taste test uncover??? Weigh in on this in the comments!

The Coconut Water Contestants (plus the live coconut above)...

Amy and Brian
Taste Nirvana
Exotic Superfoods


Rockstar Pesto Pasta. Spicy Vegan Recipe.

I had to call this dish Rockstar Pesto Pasta for three reasons:

1) the spicy green pesto blends up into a glowing neon green color.
2) the rockstar spicy-hot flavor appeal.
3) the dish is totally fuss free. Tour-bus approved.

How fuss free? Simply blend up the pesto and pour over a steaming bowl of hot penne pasta and serve. You'll be getting lots of healthy nutrients - but you won't know it at first glance. And if you want to glam up your bowl with some energizing broccoli florets and cheeky chickpeas - go ahead. I won't tell.

Green Comfort Food. My creamy thick pesto sauce has accents of lemon, garlic, jalapeno, walnut, pistachio, basil, parsley and pepper. Healthy, satisfying and on your dinner table - or tour bus - or backstage dressing room - in under 30 minutes. Get my rockstar recipe...

Rockstar Vegan Pesto Sauce. Dairy-Free. Most pesto sauce has basil, nuts, garlic, EVOO and cheese. However, I've found that my dairy-free vegan pesto is still creamy, decadent and flavorful - without the cheese. Rockstars don't need all that dairy clogging up their vocal chords anyways. If you crave the Parmesan flavor, I have had success using vegan Parmesan in pesto - but it's really not necessary.

Pricey Nuts. Life on the road can be hard. So rockstars have to budget too! I mean really, have you seen the price of pine nuts lately?? $10 for a tiny container here in NYC!..

So since every time I make pesto I like to add in a unique ingredient - today I switched out the classic pesto ingredient: pine nuts - and used green pistachios/walnuts. Pistachios are still rockstar-approved (aka yummy/healthy/cool) but they don't cost as much as pine nuts or walnuts. You'll see below I used half walnuts, half pistachios in this pesto sauce to trim back the recipe budget. Yay, more money for vegan pleather pants.

Improv Air Guitar. My spontaneous rockstar self decided to change up the classic pesto ingredients even more... Goodbye EVOO. Hello Grape Seed oil. The change gave my pesto an extra light and fluffy texture. However, if you aren't the air guitar type, you can stick to the classics and use EVOO.

Spicy! Rockstars like things hot! Spicy. Super extreme. So I threw in a large jalapeno - seeds and all. Right into the food processor. Spicy. Hot. Loud. Green Day style. If you want your pesto a bit more mellow (say Celine Dion style) - omit the seeds from the jalapeno. Uber rebels can add two jalapenos. Wow.

Make it a Meal. Rockstars don't need the garnish - but for a complete sit-down, off-the-tour-bus style dinner dish, I added in a few chickpeas and broccoli florets. Rockstars need to fuel up for those big Arena shows...

Arena Show Style - Pasta, Pesto, Veg, Beans:

In case you were wondering... Maybe you noticed from the pics that this rockstar pesto isn't always the same dreamy green color. Well no, this wasn't a cover-shoot photoshop job. You see, when the hot steamy pasta heats up the pesto and the air begins to oxidize it a bit, the pesto changes color from pastel lime green to a dark mossy green. It changes color - how rockstar of it. addition, when you blend up the pesto it is essentially a raw pesto sauce. Raw onion, greens, walnuts, lemon juice, etc. So that hot pasta does "cook" it mildly - resulting in the color change.

Rockstar Pesto Pasta
aka Spicy Pesto Penne with Chickpeas and Broccoli
vegan, makes a really big bowl (serves 4-5, with leftover pesto sauce)
*halve recipe for a smaller portion.

Spicy Rockstar Pesto:
1/2 cup lemon juice
1-3 Tbsp EVOO or grape seed oil
1 1/2 cups raw walnuts
1 cup pistachios, roasted/salted
3 Tbsp pasta water
1 small orange, squeezed
2 cups fresh basil
1 small onion
1 jalapeno (add seeds if you want pesto spicy)
5-8 cloves garlic
1 cup fresh parsley
1 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper
optional: add in a squeeze of agave or maple syrup for a sweet accent

2 cups broccoli florets
1 can organic chickpeas
1 bag of whole wheat penne pasta
garnish: chopped grape tomatoes, pumpkin seeds

Ingredient Note: Out of jalapenos? Substitute spicy wasabi powder! 1-2 Tbsp should do it.


1. Grab all your pesto ingredients. Set them by your food processor.

2. Fill a pasta pot with salted water - turn heat on high, wait for boil. When boiling, drop your penne pasta.

3. Keeping an eye on your pasta, head over to the food processor and put every ingredient in. Don't forget to grab a few Tbsp of the boiling pasta water as well. Blend your sauce on high until smooth and creamy. The sauce should be the consistency of a super thick and smooth marinara sauce. Thicker than tahini. Thinner than hummus.

4. You pasta should be just about done - so I will actually double duty my pasta bowl and place a steam tray above the boiling pasta for 2 minutes to flash steam my broccoli and chickpeas. However, you can prep them however you like best.

5. Drain the pasta and toss it in a thin drizzle of EVOO or grape seed oil. For extra spicy pasta you can even toss it with a dash of red pepper flakes.

6. Grab your pesto and pour it right over the steamy hot pasta. Fold sauce in. You can either fold the broccoli/chickpeas right into the bowl or add them as a generous garnish later.

7. Serve with optional items: fresh pepper, chopped tomatoes, pumpkin seeds and basil on top. I like to squeeze a lemon over top the finished pasta dish for an extra zesty bite of flavor.

Dive in...


Healthy Desk-Side Snacks. Smart Ideas for a Busy Day.

Some days all I have time to do is sip, slurp, crunch and munch. Hand to mouth, eyes on the computer screen. Not so glamorous, I know. Super busy workdays leave me with no time for a thoughtful midday meal. So how do I get through the day fully fueled and energized? Smart Snacking!

Smart Desk-Side Snacks. It's easy to snack. But not so easy to snack smart. I've been compiling a list of all the desk-side snacks I've been munching on and sipping the past few weeks and now I'm sharing my snacking successes with you. Put down the potato chips and step away from the vending machine. Start getting creative with your busy-day snacking. Here are my ideas to inspire you. My desk-side snacks list...

You can always grab some fruit as a smart desk-side snack...

But for something more substantial, try these ideas...

Smart Desk-Side Snacks for your busy day...

all vegan ideas...

1. Peppered Edamame with Sesame Rice Cracker Scoops

Heat up some frozen edamame in the microwave and pop it into a to-go container. Bring along some rice crackers. Desk-side, grab this snack when you need a super boost of protein, fiber - and crunch appeal. I add plentiful black pepper to my edamame and a dash of soy sauce or sea salt. Try some cayenne-dashed carrot juice on the side. This recipe is also great for kids - see a kid-friendly edamame snack here. If you'd prefer, sub edamame with healthy peas.

Spoon = Rice Cracker...

2. Grown Up Logs
Classic kid snack: ants on a log. Grown-up modifications are easy and delicious. Grab the classic base: celery sticks and slather them in nut butter (peanut or almond). If you prefer, switch up the raisins for cranberries, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, hemp seeds, flax seeds, spicy cayenne, black pepper, harissa, a few dried cherries or even dried blueberries. For a sweet treat, drizzle maple syrup over top as you crunch. Another idea: substitute nut butter with bean dip like hummus.

3. Raw Almond Dip and Veggie Sticks
This is my favorite desk-side snack. Here's how you do it: Plan ahead for your snacking week and make a big batch of raw almond spread. Store it in the fridge and bring a portion to work each day - along with some fresh veggie sticks and maybe a few easy pita triangles or healthy crackers. This dip is packed with raw nuts, fiber and protein - this snack will get you through a busy, hungry day. Try these three raw almond dip recipes.

4. Sip an Energizing Smoothie
Too busy to chew? That's OK. Venture out to get a smoothie - or beg your office to get a in-break-room blender. If you work from home - you're set. Add fresh/frozen fruit, nut butters, seeds, seed oil, raw nuts and a variety of liquid bases to your smoothies. Get some healthy vegan smoothie recipes here. Or snag my Smoothies iPhone App for on-the-go smoothie success.

5. Three Ingredient Pita
We all love elaborate sandwiches, wraps and pitas. But sometimes a simple stuffed pita will satisfy your needs. My perfect easy pita: 1) Whole wheat or soy pita half. 2) Garlic or spicy hummus 3) Raw baby spinach - lots of it. Stuff it in and chomp desk side. You can even bring the ingredients separately to work and assemble as you eat. Not so glamorous I know - but it is delicious and healthy! Leafy green antioxidants from the spinach and fiber and protein from the pita and hummus. Sip a mint/lemon iced tea or a fizzy mint mineral water to add a touch of sophistication.
...Bored by spinach? Try any of these ten healthy leafy greens here.

6. Bowl o' Nuts & Berries
An easy desk side snack I love mid-morning - nuts and berries. I'll fill a big bowl with raw cashews, roasted almonds, raw pumpkin seeds and Brazil nuts. One of my faves: walnuts. Then I will mix in a cup of fresh blueberries or blackberries. The nut/berry combo is delicious, hydrating, antioxidant-filled and full of fiber. Snack smart and feel good in the morning. Sure beats a pop-tart. A bowl of nuts along side a fruit smoothie is another combo I love.

7. Easy Mini Fiesta Bowl
Fill a to-go container with some salsa, hearty/healthy low-fat bean dip or smashed black beans, sliced lime-soaked avocados and some chopped cilantro or jalapeno. Close it up and tote along a bag of whole grain tortilla chips and veggie sticks. I like carrots and jicama with this spread. Go easy on the chips though - just a few will get you dipping - this snack is really all about the beans, spicy salsa and avocados. A few whole wheat tortillas could sub for chips. Desk side mini fiesta for you.

8. Loaded Chai
This is so easy it's excuse-proof. Make a chai latte - only fill the mug 3/4 of the way full. Add chai mix, soy milk, a dash of cinnamon and cayenne. Now the fun part: before heating, add in a scoop of raw or roasted cashews (or any nut) and a few dried goji berries. Heat and sip desk side. When you finish your chai drink you will have a nice serving of soaked nuts at the bottom of your mug. Eat them - they are delicious! Plus soaking nuts eases digestion for some. This idea may sound strange - but give it a try! You can soak nuts in your tea, chai and even your coffee/espresso latte. Goji Berry Chai.

9. Muffins can be quite filling...
This idea isn't creative or new - but it works! If you've ever seen that Seinfeld episode you know what I mean by... "...but a muffin can be quite filling!" my advice - seek out a high quality/healthy store-bought muffin (Like Green Tea Ginger from Le Pain) - or better yet, make a whole batch of healthy muffins Sunday night - freeze them in little baggies and grab 'n go throughout the week. Muffin recipes here. I love this muffin recipe.

10. Super Food Yogurt Parfait
Stack a to-go container with soy yogurt, nuts (cashews, peanuts, almonds, walnuts, pistachios, pecans, macadamia), seeds (hemp, flax, sesame, pumpkin), fresh fruit, dried fruit, muesli, granola, maple syrup, berry sauce, more nuts/seeds/fruit, more yogurt - and go. Pull your parfait from the fridge when you need a boost. Try a dessert-tasting soy parfait with silken tofu vanilla or banana pudding. See my peach/banana pie-fait recipe here.

11. The Minimalist: Avocado and Crackers
I love this easy idea. Before you head out for your day, simply grab a ripe or extra-ripe avocado and a baggie of crackers (your fave kind - the thicker/grainier the better). When you need a snack, slice open the avocado and scoop out the flesh with your crackers. It sounds simple - but it is delicious.

Forget it, I'm grabbing some chips...

What, what did you say?? Before you grab the bag of potato chips consider these chip-like snacks: Calbea Snap Pea crisps - Soy Crisps - raw Cheesy Quackers - Two Moms in the Raw Crackers - Kale Chips - Veggie Booty - nutritional yeast "cheese" popcorn - air-popped popcorn with pink sea salt. And if you must go for potato chips - maybe try the sweet potato chips -- and always read those snack food labels!

Happy Snacking you Busy Bee. :)

...what is your favorite desk-side snack??

One Lucky Duck Cheesy Quackers:

Crunch Appeal - Veg n Dip...

Sophisticated mood? Try Dr Cow Cheese, Crackers n Figs...

More Edamame Inspiration...


Fresh Raspberry Sauce Recipe. No Sugar Added.

Thick, luscious, homemade Raspberry Sauce is a welcome topping poured over top any dessert sundae, banana split or parfait - or perhaps even drizzled over a stack of steaming pancakes or a freshly baked biscuit. Raspberry-filled vegan "jelly" doughnuts anyone? Get creative - and treat yourself with my easy to make no-sugar-added recipe for Spiced Citrus Raspberry Sauce and you won't even need a cherry on top...

Vegan Ice Cream Sundae. This banana split includes a sliced organic banana, three small scoops of Coconut Bliss Vanilla Island coconut-milk-based frozen dessert, aka vegan ice cream, a nice pour of my fresh raspberry sauce and some soy cream on top. So. Darn. Good.

Spicy Sauce. I added cayenne to this recipe to give the sauce a subtle heated kick. The spicy-sweet raspberry sauce over cool, cold coconut cream is blissful.

Raspberry Sauce Uses:

*Dessert Sundaes, Banana Splits
*Yogurt Parfait
*Filling for cake or cupcakes
*"Jelly"-filled vegan doughnuts
*Raspberry stuffed french toast
*Raspberry sauce swirled muffins or bread
*Dollop on top of oatmeal, rice pudding or cream of wheat
*Dollop over pancakes or on freshly baked biscuits
*Eat it by the spoonful :)

*Try blackberries instead of raspberries
*Add in a trio of berries

And yippee, this recipe is easy. Main ingredient: fresh berries.

Fresh Spiced Citrus Raspberry Sauce
makes 1 1/2 cups

1 container fresh raspberries (about 1 1/2 cups)
1 1/2 cups pure orange juice (not from concentrate)
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp cayenne
pinch or salt (optional)


1. Pour the OJ and the raspberries into a sauce pan over high heat.

2. Using a wooden spoon, stir the mixture casually until it starts to boil. When it boils, turn the heat down a touch and continue allowing the mixture to simmer uncovered for 15-20 minutes. Stir every so often so the berries don't stick to the pan.

3. When the mixture is about the consistency of a thin oatmeal, turn off the heat and pour sauce into a separate container to cool. The sauce will thicken significantly as it cools.

4. Serve warm over cold ice cream - or store in fridge until ready to be used.