This Week's Hot Plate News and Green Foodie Trends!

This week's Hot Plate Monday report:
* Alicia Silverstone embraces....butter??
* Jamba Juice $1 smoothie day.
* Summer Berries! And how to store them.
* Announced: America's greenest brands.
* Runners! ...your fave shoe goes vegan. For $55.
* Vegan Glee Star's Tony Awards moment.
* Father's Day green gifts.
* Strawberry Shortcake Day! Choco-spun recipe.
...and much more in Hot Plate, Hot Plate News...

**HOT PLATE PIC** of the week:

Summer berries...

**VIDEO** of the week

Glee star Lea Michele, proves that vegans can sing. Her amazing Tony Awards moment is this week's VIDEO of the week...Take a happy break.

Vegan Glee star Lea Michele sings "Don't Rain on my Parade" - watch it and feel gleeful...
-see pics and a full write-up of the performance here.


Alicia Silverstone, iconic vegan celebrity, set to star in new film called....wait for it...BUTTER. "Butter" is set around a butter-sculpting competition in a small Midwestern town. Ironic.

Bobby Flay to the rescue! ...from a car crash? One celeb thinks so.

2010 Dietary Guidelines are coming...the LA Times reports.

Red and Black Vegan Cafe in Portland bans cop from it's coffee bevies. Oregon Live write-up. Fox news write-up.


Vegan Fashion....
* Stella McCartney hosts a spring fling fashion show - complete w/ PETA friends and Gwyneth P.
*Top 5 Summer Shoes that are cruelty-free. My top summer casual picks - plus my high-fashion vegan shoe brand list.
*Saucomy shoe goes vegan It's called the Saucony Originals Jazz Low Pro Vegan. $55. leather-free.

...And just for kicks, check out this 5,500 year-old sneaker that was recently uncovered. Wowsers!

Dairy-Free Ice Cream. ...deserves some serious ogling. STOGO and Lula's all around!

The World Cup.
*Check out the Carbon Footprint of the WC.
*Get my top 11 Black/White World Cup Vegan recipes. Party-ready.
*Craving WC tweets/scores 24/7? Download a WC IPhone app.
*Get excited about the ESPN WC Food Truck. Trendy...

...and don't forget these Cute Penguins playing soccer. And the twitter WC buzz: World Cup Twitter Grid.

Vegan Cheese at Home. we all love Dr Cow but how about making your own vegan cheese! The trend is sweeping foodie blogs. Get my Vegan Ricotta nut cheese recipe. Or get a vegan cheese primer from Bittersweet blog.

Green Brands. And America's top greenest brands are...get "the buzz" on a few winners. -2010 WPP Survey

Saving Wild Salmon. William Shatner may be a salmon-eater, but he's also a salmon savior as he fights to save British Columbia's wild salmon.

Travelling Vegan Celeb Chef Dinners. Last week, Horizon's chefs were at the James Beard House for a special meal. This week, Sublime restaurant hosts Ellen's fave vegan chef (he catered her wedding), Chef Tal Ronnen. Catch the 4-course meal this Wednesday - Fort Lauderdale-area vegans are lucky...

Father's Day Green Gifts. 14 gifts for your ECO-savvy dad. Or maybe your treehugging gift will inspire him to go green... My fave TOM's shoes get a mention in here!

Summer Berries. Blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, olalliberries and blackberries for big berry bowls oh my!

...learn how to store your favorite summer berries here.

Summer Smoothies! Get my smoothie FAQ's and substitutions list here!

$1 Smoothies! Jamba Juice, June 16th. Try the new Yumberry flavor! Vegan-friendly!

Pink Lemonade. In a smoothie...

Studying Veg Heads. An Italian study finds that vegan brains react differently to images of animal cruelty than omnivores, read more in VegNews.

Nut Allergies. Peanut allergies take over the world.

Food Holidays. June 14th is National Strawberry Shortcake Day. See my recipe at end of post. And June 26th is chocolate pudding day! Here's my vegan choco pudding recipe for my Choco pudding Hand Pies.

Big Money in Line Drying Clothes. Levi's is hosting a contest to find some serious line-drying solutions for jeans. You can win $4,500.

Summer Fruit Jam. By You. LA Times recipe for Strawberry Fruit Preserves. Other LA Times Berry Recipes.

Pet Loving Drivers Own a car? In California? Get this brand new Spay and Neuter license plate designed by 007 himself. Pierce Brosnan.

In other California news...check out this fun California Pineapple tee from Luncbox Bunch!

California Pineapple Surfer Dude Tee available on zazzle!

Solar Power. One Farmer's Market goes solar! Bring your Lunchbox Bunch reusable canvas bags for all the goodies!...

Kate Winslet. Who doesn't love Kate? And now animal lovers have another reason to cheer for this talented actress.

Wine Tasting at Home. Bring the vineyard and a selection of mini wine bottles to you! For $20+


Ellen's Chef at SublimeMiami June 16thEvent details...

Restaurant Week NYC starts July 12th! Reserve now...

June 26th Los Angeles, CA: DOLE California Cook-Off - I'm a Finalist!

July 31 and Aug 1 Farm Sanctuary NY Hoe Down!

VegFest DC: Sept 11, 2010
It's a while away, but plan ahead because VegFest DC is a fun, festive green gathering in our nation's capital.
Details at

**RECIPE** of the week:

In honor of Strawberry Shortcake Day, here's my Spicy Peanut Brownie with Strawberries and Maple Cream Dipping Sauce

Recipe Quickie: Spicy Peanut Brownies with Strawberries and Maple cream

fresh strawberries, sliced
brownies: prepare your vegan brownies as normal, fold in 2-4 Tbsp peanut butter, 3 Tbsp spicy chipotle, BBQ or cajun spiced peanuts and 1/2 tsp cayenne. Bake as usual.
Maple Cream: 4 Parts vegan cream cheese to 1 part maple syrup. Dash of cinnamon. Whip well.

Don't forget to submit your green/foodie news, trends, hot plate pics and quips for next week's Hot Plate Monday Post! HotPlate (at) Lunchboxbunch (dot) com

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