Vibrant Ginger Green Tonic. Celery. Ginger. Apple. Lemon.

This weekend on a groggy Sunday morning, I was craving a fresh pressed juice that was uplifting, energizing and purifying. Lots of ginger. And lemon.

Green Juice. I wanted something light and green to serve as my base juice. Dark greens like spinach or kale were a bit to strong and a watery veggie like cucumber seemed a bit too smooth in flavor. I wanted something zesty. With bite. So I chose celery for the slightly astringent bitterness it has when you juice it. I also added in a small green apple for a natural hint of sweetness - but you can make this juice fruit/veg or all mostly veg if you'd like. The end-result juice flavor is vibrant, sassy and crisp - a perfect spirit and palate lifter. Get my recipe...

Custom Juice. For this juice I chose to juice the lemon and ginger separately from the green juice blend (celery and apple). This is a great idea if you are preparing the juice for more than one person. This allows you to customize the amount of ginger/lemon each glass receives. I wanted a lot of ginger, but my husband wanted a tad less.

Celery/Apple blend:

Lemon/Ginger blend:

Ginger Buzz! Ginger is an amazing wellness ingredient. It is stimulating, warming and is famous for it's stomach-easing properties. Ginger will add some sass to any juice - and since the other flavors are so mild in this juice, the ginger really has a perfect ingredient canvas to let it shine.

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now onto my recipe!...

Vibrant Ginger Green Tonic
serves 2

2 lemons, peeled (de-seeding optional)
2 Tbsp ginger, peeled
5 large stalks of celery (stems and leaves)
pinch of pink sea salt
sweet ingredient: 1 small green apple OR 2 tsp agave/maple syrup
optional garnish: dash of cayenne, some lemon zest, celery stalk


1. Gather your ingredients. Juice the lemon and ginger separately. Place juice aside. I did a taste test of this blend and wow! It's incredibly strong. Just a sniff will wake you up.

2. Juice the celery or celery/apple blend.

3. Pour 1-2 parts ginger/lemon blend in each glass. Then pour 5 parts green juice. You can customize the ratio however you'd like though.

4. swirl in some maple/agave syrup if you'd like. *The sweet aspect is important if you did not include an apple in your juice.

5. Pinch of sea salt swirled in, and a dash of optional cayenne on top.


More juice photos...

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