AM Recipe Rewind! Sunny Mushroom Tempeh Bagel.

For my breakfast Recipe Rewind I'm featuring my Sunny Mushroom Tempeh Morning Bagel. Velvet layers of citrus-saffron mushrooms meet a maple-crusted tempeh patty. A warm H and H bagel cradles this gourmet AM open-faced sandwich. Or substitute the bagel with an English muffin or sprouted grain toast. Protein, veggies and fiber fill each healthy happy morning bite. Foamy cinnamon soy latte on the side - blissful. And FYI, it's easier to make than you may think. Link to recipe ahead...

---> Sunny Mushroom Tempeh Bagel Recipe Here <---

Craving: Savory Sweet Breakfast. I woke this morning as a dim ray of foggy light crept through an overcast sky and onto my pillow. The resident fire-escape mockingbird was singing up a storm as a symphony of NYC taxi cab horns paraded from the street below. Typical good NYC morning to me. And this recipe rewind popped into my head - via my insistent tummy...

See the original post of my Sunny Mushroom Tempeh Bagel recipe here.

---> Sunny Mushroom Tempeh Bagel Recipe Here <---

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