Le Pain Quotidien Special: Vegan Hummus, Basil pesto.

Le Pain Quotidien's Seasonal Vegan Specials: Vegetables and Hummus with Basil Pesto.

My Taste Test...

Picnic in the Park! I love that Le Pain now has a Central Park location in NYC. And no matter where you dine - you can have your own Le Pain picnic to-go. Here is one of my new fave seasonal menu items..

Vegan Hummus/Pesto. This vegan hummus appetizer is awesome! The bean hummus is creamy and smooth with a subtle savory bite. The basil pesto is thin, bold and dynamic - it is more like a basil sauce or glaze than a thick chunky pesto. A few fresh veggies dot the bowl - add your own additional veggie sticks, grain crackers of break off a few bits of a Le Pain baguette.

Price: $4.95 in NYC

Last Word: I love this light snack/appetizer. You could easily spread this into a sandwich or pita too. The basil pesto is unforgettable and really makes this dish. Hummus and pesto lovers - try it!

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