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This week's Hot Plate Monday report:
* James Beard House hosts vegan dinner.
* NFNS Season 6: Is Bobby the RPat of FN?
* Bourdain does... nutrition? Hates Farm Chic.
* Daiya Cheese. Hits store shelves.
* Steak-Scented Billboard annoys vegetarians.
* Green Dining a la Jean Georges.
* Foodie Trends: summer cravings.
* Oil Spill reactions, outcries and...HOPE.
* Cute Penguins get in on the World Cup action.
* Quotes: James Cameron revitalizes the word moron.
...and much more in Hot Plate, Hot Plate News...

**QUOTE(s)** of the week

"I’ve been watching what’s happening and saying, ‘Those morons don’t know what they’re doing.’" -James Cameron responds to the Oil Spill/BP leaders.

"Impacts from agriculture are expected to increase substantially due to population growth increasing consumption of animal products. Unlike fossil fuels, it is difficult to look for alternatives: people have to eat. A substantial reduction of impacts would only be possible with a substantial worldwide diet change, away from animal products." -UN on Meat-free.

Moby gets Mopey...

"I had a long period of being very annoying......But it didn't really help......I try as hard as possible to be a nondidactic, almost apologetic vegan." -Moby in NY Diet, GrubStreet.

...And the LOL quote of the week comes from last nights episode of Food Network's NFNS reality show. Swooning over Bobby Flay...

"He is all dressed in white, he is like the guardian angel of all the chefs. It's great."
-Serena, Attorney/NFNS Chef-testant, NYC

Ooh la Bobby is the RPat of FN?


"Go-Veg" PR Boost from the UN. The UN says moving away from meat is good for mankind and the planet. UN Quote above.

Oil Spill Bad News continues. But if you're looking for a glimpse of HOPE...
...I could watch this video over and over and over...

In annoying marketing news...Steak-Scented Billboard annoys vegetarians and 'seduces meat eaters'. Not in my Nose, thank you..

Tony Bourdain to Speak at Nutrition Expo/Conference, I'm not joking. Will tomato-throwing ensue??

Bourdain Hates Farm Chic...and popsicles?? Tony sounds off in a new series of interviews to promote his new book Medium Raw. My favorite quote I hate:
"Interviewer: Lee Schrager recently tweeted new restaurant trends: Popsicles, farm chic, chickpeas.
Tony: I hate them all. I'd kill, kill, and kill again."

...Oh, and Tony discloses TMI about Martha, Gael and Sandra...reading fun foodies.

The Cove Movie Censored in Japan. The film's Director responds via Internet video...Director Louis Psihoyos's video plea for them to reconsider.

Animal Friends: RIP: Rue, aka Blanche.

London Olympics Green, er, Brown Update?

Moby is featured in Grub Street's NY Diet. His vegan eats include hummus, smoothies, Real Food Daily and Caravan of Dreams. Sounds familiar! But why so apologetic? No moping Moby. ;)

Book Controversy. Meat is for, what? Girlie Girl Army says, "This book has a controversial title, yes. But the content is pure life-changing genius....John Joseph makes sure you never look at meat the same way again in this how-to guide for “dudes who want to get fit.”

Paper or Plastic? California's bag laws are as confused as us. I say, go with the home-brought canvas tote...especially when they are this cute!

More Bad Dairy News. Another reason to switch to soy, hemp, almond, rice or grain bevies...Boo cruelty.


Haute Vegan. James Beard House is having a Vegan Dinner this Wednesday here in NYC. Featuring the amazing Horizon's Restaurant Chefs. And fyi, you know it will be god because this is the second visit to the Beard House from these esteemed vegan Chefs. Event details...

Foodie Reality TV....

*Food Network's Next Food Network Star reality show premiered Sunday night with host Bobby Flay, co-host Giada and a special appearance from the guy who could easily claim the title of First Celeb Chef ever: Wolfgang Puck. Did you watch?? I did. Doreen's "I really... like butter." awkward moment video quote was a highlight. As well as the Bobby Flay admiration in overdrive. The chef-testants nearly melted in their aprons when he strutted into the kitchen. Chef-testant Serena swoons: "He is all dressed in white, he is like the guardian angel of all the chefs. It's great." and "A bit of ginger juice went directly into his beautiful blue eye." -Aarti

Bobby is the RPat of FN.

*Plus, Hell's Kitchen also premiered. Lost of fabulous "Oh my Gawd!" and "This is terr-ible!" quotes from Gordon. My fave was when he lovingly nicknames a contestant "smurf" he's not blue. Hell's Kitchen Twitter chatter.

*Also check's Food TV Venn Diagram.

Summer BBQ-ing. The green, vegan, healthy, happy, delicious way... BBQ Menu here. Paninis and Grillmarks recipes here.

Food TV Gets Cooler? The Cooking Channel premiered last weekend. Did anyone watch?? Cooking Channel Website.

Super Pricey Summer Smoothies. But there is a way to get glamorous juices and smoothies at home without paying the glamorous juice bar price.

Green Celebs Speaking Out! Wow so many green celebs turning themselves into superstar green activists this week. Check them out...
*Robert Redford on the Oil Spill, via NRDC video.
*Pierce Brosnan teams up with HSUS to speak out on Whaling Laws.
*Paul McCartney teams up with Hard Rock Cafe London to promote Meat Free Mondays.
*Bob Barker befriends some lucky lions.
*Betty White - still rocks. Dolphins in the Gulf are saying "Thank you for being a friend" to her...
*Kevin Costner and James Cameron speak out on their frustration with the BP Oil Spill.
*In Lighter News..Simon Cowell befriends and *adopts* a mouse. True story?? hmm...

World Cup Soccer. Cute Penguins playing soccer get in on the fun. World Cup Twitter Grid.

Pink Lemonade. In a smoothie...

Salt Cravings. You're hot a sweaty - satisfy that salty craving the healthy way. Plus, talks salt.

Mainstream Green Dining: Beyond Blue Hill... NY Times ABC Kitchen Review...Jean Georges' new Green NYC Eatery.

Summer Fruit Jam. By You. LA Times recipe for Strawberry Fruit Preserves. Other LA Times Berry Recipes.

Pakistan Mulberries They look like long blackberries...must try, if you can find them!

Summer Travel. Get Away, and look cute doing it.

Cool Green Art. Old tape cassettes never looked so cool. John Lennon, Michael Jackson and more get immortalized via throwaway cassettes.

Skinny Dip-ing. No, not that kind - the yummy kind.

Yumberry: Frozen Summer Sips. Get ready to sip some YUM, Jamba Juice fans. JJ's new flavor is Yumberry! There are several vegan smoothie options. Tip: Jamba Juice offers a new summer special: $3 for All Fruit Smoothies on "Tasty Tuesday".

Watermelon: Frozen Summer Sips. Frozen Watermelon Peach Limeade recipe from Our Life in the Kitchen blog. Looks like a Friday night winner.

Frightening Party Trend: Vodka - not sipped...really people?!

Food Facts: Acai. It's cool to know what you're eating. Slashfood discusses the Acai berry. And check out this Triple Threat Acai Smoothie recipe. yum.

Daiya Cheese. Everyone has got Daiya cheese on the brain as it hits retail store shelves in a rolling wave. $3.99-$5.99 a pack seems to be the going rate. See Daiya cheese in action in my Vegan Grilled Cheese 101.

Wine Tasting at Home. Bring the vineyard and a selection of mini wine bottles to you! For $20+

Grocery Store Dinners To-Go. Goodbye delivery, hello checkout line? Is Whole Foods prepared foods section, the new easy dinner night at home?

Don't Get Milk. 6 Reason's why you should free yourself from Dairy....but don't take it from me - take it from Dr Mark Hyman.

Remembering Rue. With Golden Girls Quotes:

"Blanche: What do you think of my new dress? Is it me?
Sophia: It's too tight, it's too short and shows too much cleavage for a woman your age.
Dorothy: Yes, Blanche. It's you."

"Blanche: I swear with God as my witness, I will never pick up another man!... in a library... on a Saturday... unless he's cute... and drives a nice car... Amen "


Catch up on my entire Paninis and Grill Marks Series... Complete Series. My next recipe series TBA soon.. I'm thinking something sweet and summery...

Vegan at the James Beard House: NYC, June 9th. Event details...

Are you a Green Designer?- Enter this contest! Due June 13th.

June 26th Los Angeles, CA: DOLE California Cook-Off - I'm a Finalist!

July 31 and Aug 1 Farm Sanctuary NY Hoe Down!

VegFest DC: Sept 11, 2010
It's a while away, but plan ahead because VegFest DC is a fun, festive green gathering in our nation's capital.
Details at

**HOT PLATE PIC(s)** of the week:
Are you sipping super foods or super prices?

And Pics #2, #3, #4 are in honor of summer VEG BBQ-ing... from above pics in my Healthy Summer Makeover Series.

Don't forget to submit your juiciest news, trends, hot plate pics and quips for next week's Hot Plate Monday Post! HotPlate (at) Lunchboxbunch (dot) com

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