Are You Hungry? A video!

I made a lil' video. I call it Are You Hungry? I hope you will watch - then pass it around to your friends. Veg friends, non-veg friends and everyone in between. Watch it!...

Are you hungry?...

*for best viewing results view in 480p mode.

watch and share

More video after you watch.....

The Secret. The secret is that I don't say that any of my food pics are 100% vegan eats until the end of the video. So pass the link, but keep the vegan-reveal at the end a secret..

My main goal of this video is to show people vegan food without using the word vegan. So when you share it - don't tell them that it is a video of vegan eats. Just say it's what it is: yummy food! Then hopefully the stereotypes about what "vegan food" really means won't sway them as they get...hungry.

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