ZICO Goes Plastic ..and from concentrate.. Let the Coconut Water Brand Wars Begin!

Coconut Water brand ZICO, who linked up with beverage giant Coca Cola last year, has just introduced its new PET plastic bottle packaging to consumers. The new, sturdy, resealable coconut water bottles are a big step out from the traditional Tetra Pak packaging coconut water brands have been known for using.

New Flavors. ZICO has also introduced a few more flavors into its line-up: Lima Citron and Pomberry. But ZICO isn't the only Coconut Water brand with a few new tricks (and investors) up their sleeves. It seems the coconut water *trend* is here to stay as heavyweight investors line up to get a sip from the coconut water fountain of profits. Get my ZICO taste test, brand war news and find out which pop music superstar recently got in on the coconut water action... *with updates on the from concentrate issue*

UPDATE: ZICO plastic bottle formula is from Concentrate??? Boooooo.

Here I was doing a sweet little blog post on "battle of the coconut water brands" and ZICO's new plastic bottle and flavors, and now suddenly I feel as though the battle has become a war! Why? Here's why...

I got a tip and read right on my new ZICO bottle that...
ZICO's new coconut water blend is *from concentrate* I don't know exactly what this means...but I DO NOT LIKE IT. Any more info? Send it my way!! Here is the official ZICO press release.

ZICO ingredients (on plastic bottle): premium coconut water from concentrate, natural flavors

...curious, what are the "natural flavors"...?
Also, not sure if the ZICO Tetra Pak is still using old formula or not. Also don't know if the Tetra Pak's are being phased out completely. Are bottles just a new option? Keeping my eyes open on this story...

My long-time blog readers already know how passionate I am about coconut water. I blog about it often and include it in many of my recipes. I love my coconut water ice cubes and coconut water bevies and smoothies.

*Star Power* Coconut water has been photoged with celebs like Giselle, Madonna and more. Plus an inside source told me that the *coconut water trend* has infused the Food Network staff. Even Bobby Flay is a longtime coconut water fan.

I've been obsessed with coconut water for a few years now. Just a few years ago I'd casually pop into an NYC corner store and pick up a few Tetra Paks of Zico Passion Fruit Orange Peel and be on my way. There was maybe one or two beverage slots for one or two coconut water brands. "What's that?!" my friends would ask. I'd try to explain..

Nowadays, there are entire refrigerators devoted to coconut water at my corner store and Whole Foods has a nice wide coconut water *section* stocked with a variety of brands, flavors and sizes.

Pressure is On!! So the big question: who will be the next Coconut Water brand to go plastic?....Or will any of them? And will the big bev companies "ruin" the coconut water industry or help it?...I'll be watching and drinking.

Get Updated: Coconut Water News.

*The "big three" coconut water brands: Vita CoCo, ZICO and ONE.

*Recently Coca Cola invested in Zico brand coconut water.

*Rumors swirl that Pepsi is looking into purchasing Vita Coco. But neither brand is commenting...

*However it is confirmed that a "small cohort of celebrities" including pop superstar Madonna have invested in Vita CoCo.

*This month, Zico introduced PET plastic bottled packaging to stores - the first plastic bottle release from the "big 3" coconut water brands. Why? Perhaps the new packaging will allow for a wider variety of distribution sites for the beverage - including vending machines. The PET plastic is recyclable, however feedback from the "environmentalists" out there is mixed. Some agree that Tetra Pak is difficult to recycle, so plastic may actually be the more earth-friendly option. Especially since PET is made from recycled plastic. What do you think?

*ONE coconut water introduced new ONE Active at the Beverage Expo West this year. New flavors that go "a step further" by adding Ginkgo Biloba, Ginseng and Catuaba Bark to the coconut water blend. I have not seen this product on store shelves yet...

*The Coconut Water Newbie: Naked Coconut Water. Whole Foods added big beverage brand Naked to the coconut water shelf this past year. I tried it and it's quite tasty. But no word on the Naked coconut water brand power just yet. But since Naked is already a successful juice company - its coconut water offering seems like a smart new product.

ZICO Lima Citron and Pomberry taste test:

Lima Citron: Citrus flavor with almost a creamy aftertaste. I was expecting something a bit more tart, but it was more like a Key Lime Pie - creamy yet tangy. Interesting..tastes kinda fake.

Pomberry: Sweet and fruity. A nice round berry flavor. Tastes like "berry flavor".

I personally *used to* adore the ZICO Passion Fruit Orange Peel flavor - hope it's not from concentrate too though. Boooo.

My fave: I adore ONE brand coconut water. ONE is 100% natural coconut water and a fabulous company I feel good about buying from. Pure and simple taste. Love ONE.

But my all time fave coconut water comes straight from the whole fresh young coconut...stick in a straw and sip! Bliss.

Why Should You Try Coconut Water???

Check out all the reasons here. Including: high in electrolytes, magnesium, all natural, lower in calories than traditional hydration bevies, nothing fake or chemically added, comes from nature...and more...


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