Recipe Rewind: Chickenless Salad Sandwich. Lunch Bliss!

Pack a picnic and head out into a blue sky day! My recipe for a vegan Chickenless Salad Sandwich was originally posted about a year ago. I'm so in love with this picnic perfect recipe, that it's my lunchtime recipe rewind for today! This is a perfect recipe for your long Memorial Day weekend too. Get some spring lunchtime bliss - songbirds, cool breeze and grassy knoll not included...

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Lemon-Tarragon-Spice. This creamy, zesty vegan salad sandwich is infused with fresh crunchy celery textures and aromatic flavors of lemon, pepper and tarragon. Simply spread it between two slices of bread, stack a high veggie tartine - or stuff a pita to the brim, and your perfect picnic lunch is served.

Make-Ahead Easy. Make it ahead and chill overnight - or eat ASAP. Don't forget a tall cool glass of mint green iced tea or perhaps some black tea-lemonade. The perfect sandwich on a sunny day is what a spring afternoon is all about. Get some lunchtime inspiration - or gear up for a long Memorial Day weekend...


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