Spicy Harissa Cucumber Cheddar Panini: Fire 'n Ice.

Hot and cold. Fire and ice. Spicy and chill. My Harissa Cucumber Cheddar Panini is lovingly called "the Fire and Ice". Super spicy Le Pain Quotidien tomato harissa and Follow Your Heart vegan cheddar is panini pressed between two slices of Amy's walnut-wheat bread - a juicy Farmer's Market tomato slice on top. The hot panini is removed from the grill and then the cool-off cucumber magic begins. Oh boy, I'm loving my Paninis and Grill Marks Series. Get my recipe...

Hot and Cold Panini. This panini is a two-faced, veggie-stacked, cheddar-melted sandwich with a serious Jekyll and Hyde flavor complex.

The harissa is a bold blazing spicy tomato spread - and my recipe spreads it on thick. But don't worry, the chilled crunchy cucumber slices will cool off the spicy bite. So if you can't decide on your food mood, this sandwich is for you...

If you can use Farmer's Market produce - go for it. The freshness and flavor is superb...

Farmer's Market Hothouse Tomatoes and Seedless Cucumbers:

Fire and Ice Panini: Harissa Cucumber Cheddar
vegan, makes 2 sandwiches

4 slices grain bread
*I used Amy's Bread Walnut-Wheat
1 medium hothouse tomato, sliced
1/2 seedless cucumber, chilled and sliced
6 thin slices of vegan cheddar
*I used Follow Your heart Brand
2 tsp of harissa spread
*my fave brand is Le Pain Quotidien's Harissa
black pepper
optional: soak cucumbers in a squeeze of lemon juice and maple syrup for a tart sweet flavor.
optional: EVOO as you desire
optional: fresh basil leaves


1. Slice your tomatoes and cucumbers. Grind some fresh black pepper over top and set aside. Optional: Soak cucumbers in a bit of chilled lemon juice and maple syrup.

2. Slice or grate your cheese. Spread harissa on bread.

3. Place your bread on your grill or pan. Add the cheese and tomato slices. You can add a bit of EVOO to the outer sides of the bread or to the tomato slices - if you'd like.

4. Add the top layer of bread and panini press or grill until cheese is lightly melted.

5. Remove from the grill and remove top of bread.

6. Add the chilled cucumber to the inside of the sandwich.

7. Replace the top bread.

Ready to slice!

8. Slice.

9. Serve!

Note: Fresh basil would be a lovely flavor addition to this panini if you have it on hand.

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