Spicy Carrot Sunrise Mimosa Bevie. Sparkly Week-End.

Whipped up this Spicy Carrot Sunrise Mimosa this evening and wanted to post it for your drinking pleasure. My recipe puts a bright orange, vitamin A-infused spin on the traditional mimosa. It's still sparkling and fruity, but now with a sweet carrot twist. Get my recipe...

Carrots in a mimosa??? Hmm, I had to try this. I had just juiced some fresh carrot juice this AM and had some bright beautiful oranges in my fruit basket. Soo I added a splash of carrot and a splash of orange to my leftover prosecco bevie and a dash of heat from the cayenne - and voila! Vibrant orange. Vitamin C. Vitamin A. And a nice treat to cap off my weekend...

Spicy Carrot Sunrise Mimosa

1 part fresh carrot juice
1 part fresh squeezed orange juice
3-4 parts champagne or prosecco sparkling wine
dash of cayenne
garnish: orange slices

Mix and serve in chilled champagne glasses.

Have a sweet and sparkly evening everyone!

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