Lessons from Mom. Breakfast in Bed Menu. And a Song.

Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing, loving, dedicated, unsung heroes of the world: the moms! And a special Mother's Day wish to my amazing mom who has always been an inspiring figure of strength, beauty, grace, creativity and love.

Lessons from Mom. Lessons I've learned from my mom: never stop chasing whatever it is that inspires you. Follow your passion in life and move towards your bliss. Never settle, always laugh and try desperately to not take yourself too seriously in times of strife. Never be afraid to make changes to your life that may sound drastic or shocking to outsiders - you know yourself best. And never stop showing love to the ones you love. An "I Love You" is great, but an act of love and kindness speaks louder than words. What Have You Learned from Your Mom?

Last lesson from mom...always request breakfast in bed on Mother's Day. Here's my modern Mother's Day menu and a moving song from a friend...

Mother's Day Menu. My mom always requested the same thing on Mom's Day: breakfast in bed with Earl Grey tea, fresh squeezed orange juice, toast with jam, eggs, bacon and fresh fruit.

All my mom's favorite Mother's Day foods could easily get a modern vegan makeover. The madeover recipes are healthier for mom, better for the planet, just as tasty and a bit of a gourmet upgrade. Moms strive to feed their kids the best foods possible, so why not do the same for them? Here are a few of my menu inspirations:

Saffron scented Tofu Scramble
Tempeh Bacon
Fresh Fruit, Seasonal or Mom's Faves
Sprouted Grain Toast with earth Balance Buttery Spread and/or fresh fruit jam
Almond Butter and Banana Toast
Goji Berry Chai Tea or Mom's fave tea
with agave syrup or maple syrup or raw honey
AM Sunrise Juice, or classic fresh squeezed OJ
Other Ideas:
Tangerine French Toast
Herb Mushroom Tofu Quiche
Fresh Melon, Jazzed Up Recipes
My mom's fave muffin recipe of mine: Orange Glow Muffins

Mom should be snuggled in bed, yummies served to her on a tray. No clean-up and lots of hugs. Yay moms. Fresh fleurs are a nice touch too.

Mother's Day Song. One of my oldest friends in the world is an amazing singer, songwriter and artist. She recently recorded this song which I thought was perfect for Mother's Day. Here's her song:

You can download Sarah's music on itunes, hear more on MySpace and if your in the Northern California area - be sure to check out one of her live shows or artwork showings on display. Sarah's brand new music video is on YouTube. She recently did a Starlet Night Paintings showing at MOTIV in Cali featuring portraits of classic faces like Grace Kelly and Judy Garland. I even own a few of Sarah's uber-creative paintings.

More menu Inspirations for Mom:

A parfait of Chocolate Rasp-Pom Pudding is a nice late afternoon Mom's Day treat too...

Happy Mom's Day to a few of my favorite moms: my mom (left) and my aunt (right):

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