Hot Plate News! V-free Top Chef DC, Look Out Bourdain, Kitchen Trends and Smile!...

This week's Hot Plate Monday report:
*Babycakes NYC has your vegan chocolate cake
Bourdain better watch out
*Bret's Trop-a-Rocka Diet Snapple flavor
*No sign of the "V-word" on Top Chef DC
*Design trends: kitchens of the future
*Productivity boosting foods and...
*SMILE! you're on the internet!...
...and much more in Hot Plate, Hot Plate News...

QUOTE of the week

"Does anyone need a Double Chocolate Crumb Cake? Call us, we can hold it for you: 212.677.5047." -BabycakesNYC on twitter

I do, I do!... :)


Top Chef Season 7: Washington DC
The chef-testants are announced, and once again there is no whisper of the "V-word" in the Chef bios. I read through every last one and though a few of the Chefs speak highly of organic and/or local cuisine - vegetarian or vegan chefs are nowhere to be found.

Cuomo's Home Cooked Companion...
Uh-Oh! Look out Tony looks like your blond-haired, blue-eyed, Food Network nemesis may be stepping into the spotlight of *power* in the near future. Maybe all those Sandra Lee jokes weren't such a good idea afterall...

Things that make me go Hmmmmmmm?...
Paula Dean Leads Brighter Days Natural Foods ..Healthy Kids Culinary Program

I love the Celebrity Apprentice, I just do. And the drama with Bret Michaels' brain injury is so sad. He will be on Oprah on Wednesday, FYI. And I'm cheering for Bret Michaels to 1) get better and 2) do well in next week's season finale show. His Diet Snapple Trop-a-Rocka Tea looks fun - check it out here...
Would you buy Trop-a-Rocka or Compassionberry??

ZICO Goes Plastic and From Concentrate...
If your ZICO coconut water tastes a bit different from its new-fangled plastic bottle, there's a reason why. And the coconut water brand wars have begun...

Meatless Monday: The Meat Hits Back
First the Coconut Waters brand wars, and now the meat vs. meatless wars. Food fights all over the place!

Yuck and Yuck.
Pizza gets a baaaad makeover.....this makes KFC's Double Down look like a kiddie ride.

The Science of a Happy Marriage..
An issue of Nurture vs. Nature?

The Internet Makes Us Happier :) :) :) :)

Using her celebrity for good and not evil...
Rachel Ray Fights for Healthier School Lunches. Yay Rach.

Best VEG Eats in NYC? The winner is...
The Number One VEG Dining Spot(s) in NYC: Dirt Candy and Pure Food and Wine Tie for first place. See the complete list of Top 20 Vegan Eats here.

Cooking Channel Blogs, and 5 things you should know...
...launches Memorial Day...


Kitchens of the Future
George Jetson would be impressed...

Foods Work Wonders: Boost Productivity!
I love this chart of 100 foods to boost productivity.

Expensive Fruit Auction: Yubari Melons
And I thought my $7 cherimoya was expensive!...

Martha Stewart's Spicy Lentil Walnut Burgers
Martha re-creates one of my fave veg burger combos. She added egg to "hold it together" - I would add tempeh crumbles, sticky rice or some bread crumbs. But still a delicious recipe for a Meatless Monday!

Yup, it's official, NYC Horse Carriage Rides are soooo out....
Top Ten Things NOT to do in NYC

Oysters for Vegans!
The "why aren't oysters vegan" debate continues...

Indian Main Vegan Dish...Recipe from NY Times
But warning to my husband (and other green bean-fraidy-cats) ...the main ingredient is green beans.

It's Travel Season! I wouldn't mind weekending-it here by the pool. Or wellness splurging here. OK, a fruit bowl vacay isn't bad either.

McDonald's Takes on Smoothies...
...Boooooooo! Smoothies belong at home or from a skilled smoothie maker touting fresh fruit and juices galore.

Celery...the new Viagra??

Chiquita Bananas get a sense of humor...

Babycakes NYC helps you bake perfect vegan cookies!!
Babycakes Cookie Kit? Yes!

Super Cute Organic Fruit n Veggie Cheat Sheet...
Would be cuter with Lunchbox Bunch characters I think.


My Paninis and Grill Marks Series kicks off this week and goes through Memorial Day weekend! Yippee! Lets bring on summertime...

Meatless Monday- Are You Joining in??
It seems that "Meatless Monday" is a growing trend with some serious veggie-powered legs! If you're a restaurant owner or Chef and not joining the fun - perhaps you should reconsider!
Mario Batali goes Meatless on Mondays
Dovetail NYC offers gourmet VEG eats on Mondays
More Meatless Monday Supporters including Gwyneth Paltrow here.

Meatless Monday Quotes...

"I love eating meat, but I love our planet even more, so..." - Sir Richard Branson on Meatless Monday

"We are all looking for a way to make a contribution to the preservation of our planet. Having a Meat Free Monday is a great way to do your bit, while eating in a kinder and more conscious way.” -Gwyneth Paltrow on Meatless Monday

Top Chef Tour
The BravoTV Top Chef Tour rolls on. Get ready NYC, May 22 and 23 are your dates. More city dates to be announced - check the site link above. And yes, it's FREE!

West Village NYC: Jonathan Horowitz's Go Vegan on Display in Once-Meatpacking Facility. I may have to be brave and go check this out. NY Times "Go Vegan" Gallery Show Article

Oil Spill: Musicians to the Rescue
Sadly, the oil spill news gets worse and worse, but at least there are a few musicians trying to help out...
And there are a few ways you can help too, from GirlieGirlArmy

VegFest DC: Sept 11, 2010
It's a while away, but plan ahead because VegFest DC is a fun, festive green gathering in our nation's capital.
Details at

HOT PLATE PIC of the week:
In my Recipe Rewind I featured my uber-popular Spicy Verde Lasagna...

Don't forget to submit your juiciest news, trends, hot plate pics and quips for next week's Hot Plate Monday Post! HotPlate (at) Lunchboxbunch (dot) com

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