Dessert Panini: Smashed Choco PB Covered Cherry.

My Smashed Chocolate Covered Cherry dessert panini combines the luscious flavor of fresh juicy cherries with creamy spreadable chocolate. Sometimes a simple, classic flavor combination can create a new recipe worth sharing, repeating and making your own. Get my recipe...

Make it your own: Cherries or Berries. Cherries and chocolate is a classic combination. But for a fruity spin on this recipe you can substitute fresh strawberries, fresh blueberries or even fresh raspberries. Because sometimes cherries are hard to find. And sometimes a smashed chocolate covered blackberry panini sounds just divine.

Choco-PB Spread. I chose to make today's panini with cherries and chocolate. I used a dark chocolate peanut butter spread . But you can use your fave spreadable chocolate brand. There are more than a handful of brands on the market. If you need help finding a vegan option - let me know in the comments.

I love this recipe so much I entered it in the Great PB Exhibition. Theme fruits/veggies.

I Won! Thrilled that this recipe won first place in's recipe contest "produce" category. I received an amazingly awesome prize pack from one of my favorite brands: Peanut Butter and Co.
Thanks PB Boy and PB&Co - I'm peanut-butter-happy today!!

Prize Pack *yum*:

..and I was shocked and thrilled to read that the baking mixes are certified vegetarian and kosher parve - after reading each ingredient closely - yes vegan as well! PB Brownies for me.

Here's my choco-peanut-cherry-licious recipe. Side of ice cold soy milk on the side...

Smashed Chocolate Covered Cherry
makes 1 panini

5-6 fresh cherries, halved and de-pitted
*or sub another fresh fruit - berries are best
1 heaping Tbsp chocolate spread
*I used peanut butter chocolate
2 slices sandwich bread
*I used a sliced whole wheat pullman loaf


1. Prep cherries by halving and de-pitting.

2. Spread chocolate onto one slice of bread.

3. Place other slice of bread on panini press or grill and add fresh cherries. Use enough cherries to cover the surface.

4. Add top chocolate-spread bread slice.

5. Grill for 3-5 minutes.

6. Slice and serve warm.

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