Vegan Pizza, Top Ten List: NYC Dining Out Series.

Sorry Chicago, but when I think of pizza in the USA I think of one place: New York City. Maybe it's the water, maybe it's the history or maybe it's just the fragrant smell of pizza that wafts down the street and into your nose as you pass any street corner pizza shop. Even those crummy-looking pizza spots seem to smell like pizza heaven. New York City is a pizza-lovers playground.

Vegan Pizza. Vegan pizza used to mean ordering a basic pie, sans the oozy-gooey dairy cheese. All veggie toppings on top and upon ordering, it was a pretty safe bet that you'd get a questioning look or sigh of "huh?" from the waiter or smug phone guy. "No cheese? That's not pizza!" I've heard it more than once...

Luckily, vegan pizza had evolved. Even non-vegans are interested in the trendy Daiya cheese and spelt crust pie options at many NYC pizza hotspots. And outside of say, Naples, Italy - I say the place for pizza is NYC. Even vegan pizza. Get my list of NYC vegan pizza faves...

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First, a bit of pizza history...

First Pizza in NYC. "New York City is where America's pizza culture began in 1905, when Gennaro Lombardi applied for a license to sell pizza at his grocery store on Spring Street." -seriouseats

The first shoe-box sized NYC apartment my husband and I lived in was a 6th floor walk-up right down the street from Lombardi's pizza. All Saturday long we could hear the tourist-wrangling blow-horn, "Smith party of five, Smith party of five!" At first, we pawned off Lombardi's as a big tourist trap we needed to avoid. But after a while we decided to dine-in with two big salads, a pitcher of sangria, a big cheese-free pie and big happy smiles on our faces. Yay, Lombardi's served a great slice of pizza, with a big side of history.

Fun Fact: Though the coal oven is the Lombardi's original, dated 1905, the current store location of Lombardi's at 32 Spring Street (Spring/Mott) is not actually the original spot. The original Lombardi's pizza from a hundred years ago was down the street at 53 Spring Street, opened in 1897 by Gennaro Lombardi. The current location was opened in 1984.

While I adore Lombardi's, it's not my absolute, all-time NYC fave for vegan pizza. What is my favorite vegan pizza place in NYC? Find out!..
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