Apple, Spinach, Nothing Wasted: Market Green Juice.

A busy Saturday morning of stair-climbing left me craving a fresh, sweet, zingy green juice - badly. So instead of travelling across town to my favorite juice bar - I decided to use up a few of my NYC Greenmarket goodies and craft one at home in a matter of minutes - ah the joys of owning a Superangel juicer.

I was anxious to use up my big beautiful bag of fresh spinach - they were starting to wilt a bit, and I knew juicing the greens would make perfect use of them. Add in an extra large farm fresh apple and a few zingy items and voila! I even got to try out my super cool metal reusable straw - which I love. Here's my simple four ingredient recipe for Greenmarket Green Juice...

Greenmarket Green Juice

1 1/2 Tbsp fresh ginger, peeled
1 extra extra large tart apple, green or yellow
5 cups fresh full grown spinach, slightly wilted OK
1/2 lemon, peeled

Juice, drink, enjoy.

My apple even had a few spots on it - perfect for juicing.

New Fave Juicing Tip: Use your slightly wilted greens for juicing - nothing wasted and quite delicious!

*Fresh Farmer's Market greens work best for this since store-bought wilted greens - usually are too aged and travelled to be of any use. Use your best judgement...

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