Green Trend Alert: Reusable Straws. Where to Buy Them.

After posting my Greenmarket Juice recipe, I received a lot of feedback on, of all things, my straw!

My stainless steel, reusable straw is awesome! It has a little spoon on the end and helps keep my bevies ice cold as I sip. Plus the best part is that reusable straws are green foodie chic. No more plastic straws needed. We all use reusable silverware, so why not add reusable straws to your kitchen drawer. And yes, this trend is booming. Check out all these straws and where to buy them....

Question: Where can I buy a cool reusable ECO-savvy reusable straw??...

One Lucky Duck sells glass straws. @Sarma even tweeted this,

"Duck newsletter was sent today. Free tote bag promo going on, brazil nuts on sale + totally RAD new glass straws... glass straws rule."-@sarma
...followed by this on facebook...
"WOW you guys REALLY like our new GLASS STRAWS (sold out!)....we just upped the stock so you can order more - just note, we don't really have them yet, but should by Monday!! So order away :)" on Facebook

So yes, the reusable straw trend is on a roll.

Buy Glass Straws at One Lucky Duck.
Glass Dharma Straws - Simple Elegance $8.00

Cool! You can even buy Glass Straw Cleaning Brushes at OneLuckyDuck too. Smarties!

Or Buy glass and stainless steel reusable straws and straw/spoons at below...

I bought my straw for $1.95 at Crate and Barrel. I'm anxious to buy a few glass straws soon from OLD.

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