Top 5 Healthy Spring Travel Destinations, from Carolyn!

Happy First Weekend of Spring! A crisp spring breeze is wafting through the cloudless blue sky and brave buds are poking their pink noses through fresh green-leaf treetops. The golden sun is awakening the earth, and my spirit as my craving for adventure becomes ravenous! Springtime travel anyone? We all deserve a spring break, even if for a quick impulsive weekend fling. But where to go?

Guest Blogger: Carolyn from HealthyVoyager.Com. So instead of covering my eyes and pointing to a spot on a map, I decided to ask an expert on the topic of healthy travel: Carolyn Scott-Hamilton, creator of the website and radio show Healthy Voyager. Carolyn is an expert when it comes to super-fun, wellness and eco-friendly travel. Think of her as your personal healthy travel guide. I asked Carolyn what her favorite "Healthy Voyager" spring travel destinations were. Here is her top five list..

Meet Carolyn. Carolyn is a vegan entrepreneur with a background in holistic nutrition. She is passionate about health, entertainment and of course - healthy travel! I randomly stumbled upon Carolyn's Healthy Voyager site a while back and loved it! I was having a blast perusing Carolyn's photo gallery which highlights the amazing travel destinations and people she has encountered. It takes a lot of wellness-travelling to put together a well-rounded and useful healthy travel website - and Carolyn delivers! Healthy Voyager has recipes, tips, a thriving blog and travel resources to peruse. Healthy travel inspiration is just a click away.

Now lets find out Carolyn's five travel picks for spring...

1. Massai Mara, Kenya - Through March, you will find yourself in the dry season and the best time to see wildlife. If you pop in to the national reserve in late spring, you just might catch the March of the Wildebeests! Kenya is a beautiful country with some of the most hospitable people in the world. And not to fear, finding delicious vegan fare here is a cinch - check it out:

2. Portland,OR - If you're looking for awesome food in one of the most eco cities around, Portland is the place. Spring time is when the sun begins to pop out a bit and the gorgeous gardens begin to flower. Known as "The City of Roses", Portland is a great city with lots of sites, sounds and tastes for any spring time traveler - Here are a few Portland posts (to much good stuff for just 1!)

3. NYC - Everyone knows that spring time in New York is magical. The city is always bustling but it's as though virtually everyone is out and enjoying the sun. Miss the crowds of summertime tourists and take in this metropolis along with some phenomenal eats:

4. Ft. Lauderdale - I have to say, my South Florida stomping grounds are a great spring time destination. Early on, the humidity won't kill you and you can enjoy less crowded beaches and attractions:

5. London - Yes, the weather in London is unpredictable however, to beat the summer vacation crowds as well as catch some warmer days, spring is a great to take a trip across the pond ; ) Filled with history and royalty, the food is just another reason to make your way there soon! Who says English food is bad? See for yourself:

For more information as well as updates on these and other cities worldwide, visit

Thanks Carolyn! These are some awesome ideas for some fun (and healthy) springtime travel!

So Sip Some Springtime Strawberry Smoothies...and get away this spring:

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