Ten Ways to Get Your *Me Time* Today. You deserve it..

Have you had your "Me Time" today? Probably not, considering your busy busy day, right? Well I am ordering you to take a few minutes for *you* tonight, or perhaps tomorrow. Plan for it. Get excited about it. Close the door, close your eyes and indulge yourself in... you.
Here are ten ways I love to get my "me time"...

I'm so envious of my kitty. She seems to live her life in *me time*. Humans seem to live their lives in *other people time*. Especially busy working moms who live in *my kids* and *my job* time and probably try to squeeze in some *my husband* time. And maybe at the end of the day, squeeze in just a few seconds of *me time*....until someone calls your name or buzzes your cell.

So no matter what your lifestyle, it's good to find a balance of *me* and *not me* time. Unless you are a cat, and then you can pretty much enjoy your *me life*.

10 Ways for ME Time

1. Book Time
Whether it's curling up with a sassy fiction novel, a talked about nonfiction like JSF's Eating Animals or even a few flips of a vintage childhood Garfield book, I adore curling up with a book. Now should I curl up with an iPad is the question... Hmm.

2. Breathing Time.
Conscious breathing is a task many of us skip. But if you take a few moments to meditate on each breath you take - you'll probably feel a sense of calm that you've been missing all day. And here's a tip: once in a while when you work out, nix the iPod and simply focus on listening to your deep heavy breath as you exercise.

3. Smoothie Time.
Blend up a smoothie, curl up in a chair and just sip. Slurp. Taste. And here are 20 smoothie tips to blend like a pro.

4. Skin Brush Time.
Detox your skin by skin brushing. Yes it takes an extra 2-5 minutes before your bath or shower, but it is a nice quiet time to take some extra care to nurture your skin and entire body.

5. Hot Yoga Time.
If you have a few hours to spare - lucky you. Why not attend a Hot Yoga class. Do some research and discover if Hot Yoga is for you. I love it!

6. Long Lunchbreak (Detour) Time.
OK, so many of us don't have the luxury of popping uptown to a free lunchtime theater session, like I did a few times in NYC. But there are lots of ways to *get away* on your long lunch break. Not an everyday activity, but a special once in a while activity that you'll learn to crave. Me time in the afternoon...

7. Kitchen Made Bubble Bath Time.
Here are my fave kitchen-made bubble bath recipes. Having a long bubble bath at the end of the day is a *me time* ritual we can all embrace. Unless you live in a tiny NYC apartment and don't have a tub. Bubble shower? Steam shower! Steam room? Take a spa day in your bathroom, your body and stress levels will thank you.

8. Spring Cleaning Time.
OK, OK, so there are a lot of you who don't have time for inefficient *me time* right? Well here ya go! Get some cleaning done, while also getting some zen-ful time to organize your life. Once your cleaning is done, you may find that *me time* comes a bit easier. Here are 5 reasons why spring cleaning may be worth your energy and time.

9. Focus on Color Time.
This is fun. Take a tiny *me break* and focus on color! Choose the color that you crave in your life: creativity or focus....learn more.

10. Wellness Travel Time
For the ultimate *me time* try planning a wellness vacation. And even if you can't truly get away, it's still fun to peruse a few wellness destinations. There's always daydreaming... Ten Wellness Travel Destinations.

Those are my ideas and fave ways to take a break, but how do you like to get your *me time*?

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