Top Ten LOST Premiere Party Recipes. Island-y Eats!

I'm actually kinda excited for the season premiere of LOST on ABC tonight. Even though I just started watching last season. Thus I put together a top ten list of recipes suitable for even the most devoted of LOST fans.

These recipes are sure to put you in a tropical breeze, aqua blue water, salty-sea-air, stranded, foraging for coconuts, plowing through palm trees, birds squawking, sandy sea shore kinda mood. My top ten list...

First pour yourself some premium red sangria, and browse these island eats...

You might want to check out the very cool LOST grid on too. It helps me be a litle less confused - listening to all the LOST Twitter chatter..
Top Ten LOST Premiere Party Munchies

10. Island Papaya Bowl with Lime
9. Totally Tropical Summer Smoothie
8. Oatmeal Bake Tiki Squares
7. Meyer Lemon Custard Island Parfait
6. Surfer's Sunrise Golden Fruit Salad
5. ONE Coconut Water with a Splash, Pink Guava flavor
4. Fresh Strawberry Papaya Coconut Smoothie
3. Tropical Pink Cashew Juice Smoothie
2. Wiki-Wiki Volcano Couscous
1. Coconut Water! Seasonal Hydration Beverage... or just grab some coconut water ice cubes for whatever bevie you choose...

Happy Lost Watching!

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