Super Bowl Snackers Detox Playbook! Recipes and Tips.

Super Bowl Sunday means super sized snacking! But even if you've blown your day on salty chips, chunky dips and other easy-to-overdo snacks - there's no reason why you can't turn your 'munchies' game plan around at halftime and be feeling healthy and happy by the 4th quarter. Whisper this new strategy to your QB, aka your tummy. And what do ya know -you've scored. Touchdown. Game: You. You've just won a big fat shiny trophy of health. Put down that potato chip and keep reading! Get back in the game...

Super Bowl Snacking: The After Effects. There are five big problems that come from the big game day: dehydration, indigestion/bloating, nausea, fatigue and feeling crappy due to a lack of nutrient-dense foods. Here are my tips and recipes on how to get off the bench and win the game, er win your health and happiness.

After Effect #1 Dehydration
Too much alcohol or soda, too much salt and too many 'dry' water-devoid snack foods can leave you feeling less than hydrated. Try these:
*Coconut Water. Drink it all through halftime, and you may be back in the game by the 4th.
*Fresh Water. Sounds simple, but a few extra glasses of fresh, pure water can help you hydrate through your couch game.
*Healthy 'SlurpE'. Try this: blend 2 cups of fruit juice with 2 cups of coconut water (or regular) ice cubes. You'll get a nice chilled frosty beverage that will hydrate you and also cool off your dry parched mouth. I like concord grape juice slushees, or cashew fruit juice slushees.

After Effect #2 Indigestion and Bloating
Eating too many processed enzyme-deficient foods can leave you feeling bloated and benched, er couched.. Indigestion is the pits and there's not a whole lot you can do, but wait for your tummy to take its course. But here are a few foods that might speed things up a bit due to their natural enzymes:
*Papaya. Papaya is rich in the enzyme papain, which is known for its digestion inducing effects. Try raw papaya chunks, or even papaya tablets that can be purchased at a natural foods store.
*Pineapple. Pineapple is another fruit that contains a strong digestive enzyme: bromelain. I personally like to juice whole pineapple fresh, instead of consuming too much fibrous pineapple. You can juice it or eat a few chunks whole. But always use fresh, not canned pineapple for ultimate enzyme effects.
Enzyme Smoothies and juices:
Double Fruit Enzyme Smoothie
Pineapple Enzyme Banana Smoothie

After Effect #3: Nausea
Too many crazy food combos, think olives, pickles, mustard, salsa, spicy chips, bean dip and creamy dip. And maybe too much alcohol and jumping around cheering for your team, can leave you a bit nauseous. Try these..
*Ginger. Ginger cookies, fresh ginger beverages, ginger juice, ginger muffins or even ginger infused food recipes can be a good way to calm your tummy. My favorite way to get a dose of ginger is my Ginger Juice Shooters.
*Bananas. Bananas are fabulous for unhappy tummies. A nice ripe banana may help soothe your stomach and make you feel a bit more balanced.
*Smoothies and Juices:
Yellow Fruity Frothy with Ginger
Calm Tummy Banana Smoothie
Ginger Snap Smoothie
Calm Chamomile Banana Smoothie

After Effect #4: Nutrition Booster Needed!
Processed foods with little nutrients like antioxidants, minerals and enzymes can leave you feeling - crappy. Here are a few easy ways to get a nutrition boost:
*Fresh Fruit or Veggies. Simple, eh. Try munching on a fresh-cut apple. Fresh squeezed OJ. A light leafy green salad or even some steamed greens with a dash of EVOO, ACV (apple cider vinegar) and garlic. Yum.
Green Juice
Triple Threat Acai
Wild Blueberry Kickstart Smoothie

After Effect #5: Fatigue
Snoozing by halftime is no fun. Your Super Bowl snacks may have knocked you into a processed foods coma. Get off the couch and into the kitchen to blend up these fast delicious easy energy smoothies:
Easy Energy Almond Butter Shake
Or try these easy recipes:
Bullseye Spirals with Roasted Red Peppers
Sweet Treats:
Chai Berry Short-Cup
Zesty Lemon Custard Bars
Plum (Fruit) Perfect Parfait

So don't beat yourself up if you over-indulged this Super Bowl Sunday. Remember that health doesn't start tomorrow or yesterday. Health starts now. Today. This meal. You make the choice to eat healthy - or not at every single bite. What will your next bite be?...

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