Golden Spicy Citrus Beet Juice. From Alien Beets.

These jagged-edged, exotic, 'alien-looking' golden beets in my fridge just couldn't sit there for another day. And they were starting to freak out my husband. So this morning I unearthed them from my produce bin to make a refreshing juice recipe: Golden Spicy Citrus Beet Juice. Simple flavors from sweet golden beets, carrots, orange, pear and ginger make this a lovely way to hydrate in the morning. Vitamin A galore. See more alien-beet photos and get my recipe...

Golden Citrus Beet Juice:

Carrots and Golden Beet:

Alien Looking Golden Beet:

Inside of a Golden Beet:

Golden Spicy Citrus Beet Juice

1 large golden beet OR 2 small golden beets
3 small long carrots
1 ripe pear
1 large orange, peeled
1 tsp raw ginger, peeled
garnish: 3 dashes cayenne, slice of raw beet

Juice in your juicer and serve.

Beet Note:
If you don't have golden beets, regular red beets will do, but you obviously won't get that creamy orange sunrise color.

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