Fresh Papaya Juice. Tropical Juices. Part 2.

Pink Heaven. Gulp down this silky fresh papaya juice for part two of Tropical Juices. In part one, we sipped on zippy golden pineapple juice. But what happens when we juice a precious pink papaya? Find out...

Papaya super fruit facts here.

Papaya Juice. I adore papayas. It's bordering on obsession. When they go on sale for at Whole Foods, I stock up and buy 2-3 at once. I have been eating papaya almost every morning for the past few months. Those cool, creamy, tummy-soothing spoonfuls of red papaya are addicting. Hydrating, nutrient-rich and easily digestible. Papaya is awesome. So what about papaya juice???

It's not juice, it's more of a papaya nectar. Since papaya breaks down so easily, some of the soft pulp slips through the gears of the machine and forms a thick silky nectar juice.

It's good, succulent actually. Chugged it. It would be yummy in a frozen papaya blended smoothie or margarita. But for now, I'll stick to eating my papayas whole.

Papaya Juice

1 whole papaya


1. Slice papaya into chunks.

2. Remove skin and seeds.

3. Juice and enjoy!

4. Tip: Stick your papaya in the fridge before juicing so that your juice will come out cold.

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