Holiday Food Party: 12 Days of Vegan Treats!

My 12 Days of Vegan Treats series starts this Tuesday Dec 8th!

On the first day of vegan treats, my true love gave to me, a North Pole Peppermint Chai just for me!
On the second day of vegan treats, my true love gave to me...

Holiday Food Party! Get festive with vegan treats this holiday season. Twelve days of fun, festive vegan treats to make for your holiday celebrations. Here is the schedule, however I've left a few recipes and lyrics a secret to be unveiled as scheduled. This is my reinvention of the "12 Days of Christmas" song. Get singing in the kitchen...

"12 Days of Vegan Treats" Holiday Recipe Series

Dec 8 - First Day: One North Pole Peppermint Chai (just for me)
Dec 9 - Second Day: Two Cups of Cocoa
Dec 10 - Third Day: Three French Toasts
Dec 11 - Fourth Day: Four Coconut Snowballs
Dec 12 - Fifth Day: Five Golden Fuyus
Dec 13 - Sixth Day: Six Soy Nogs Swirling
Dec 14 - Seventh Day: Seven Flutes of Cinnamon
Dec 15 - Eighth Day: Eight Snowman Crispies
Dec 16 - Ninth Day: Nine Snowflakes Dancing
Dec 17 - Tenth Day: Ten Muffins Rising
Dec 18 - Eleventh Day: Eleven Cornballs Popping
Dec 19 - Twelfth: Twelve Walnutcracker Cookies

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