Vegan Thanksgiving Recipe Series: Healthy Happy Feast.

I know, you're still dusting the Halloween glitter out of your hair, and the last thing you want to do is start thinking about planning for the holidays. Especially the always work-intensive Thanksgiving Dinner feast! That's why this year, let me do all the brainstorming, test-kitchening and menu planning for you. All you have to do it read, shop and cook your way to the best vegan Thanksgiving celebration ever. If I can do it, so can you. And yes, even the carnivore(s) in your life will love these recipes.

You Be the Host. If you'd like, you can pick and choose from my series recipes and make a few to bring over to your not-vegan relatives' homes. Perfectly fine, I've done this many times. But if you're super adventurous, try hosting Thanksgiving Dinner at your home this year. And don't be shy about the 'vegan' part. I find that most people are thrilled about trying something new (and healthier) for Thanksgiving. Most non-veggies have had turkey and gravy so many times that a vegan Thanksgiving might actually sound like a thrill! Love it or hate it, at least try it. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to experiment with vegan recipes because of the nature of the meal - there are so many items on the table to choose from, you are bound to fall in love with a few. So check out my Vegan Thanksgiving recipe series schedule...and start sending out those invites!...

Vegan Thanksgiving Recipe Series:
Healthy Happy Feast!

Thurs, Nov 5th: Vegan Thanksgiving 101 - the Basics.
Sun, Nov 8th: Appetizers - Before the Meal Munchies.
Tues, Nov 10th: Beverages - Before, During and After the Meal.
Thurs, Nov 13th: Stuffing - A Trio of Flavors.
Sun, Nov 15th: Cranberry Sauce - No Can Opener Required.
Tues, Nov 17th: Potatoes and Side Veggies.
Thurs, Nov 19th: Perfect Proteins - Cruelty Free.
Sat, Nov 21st: Desserts - Delicious Desserts
Mon, Nov 23rd: My Menu-Thanksgiving 2009.
Wed, Nov 25th: Restaurant Menus 2009.
Fri, Nov 27th: Leftovers - the After Party.

Excited? So am I!

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