Reebok EasyTone Shoes: Better Butt or a Lotta Hype?

The latest athletic shoe 'innovation' to hit the mainstream market and media: Reebok's EasyTone shoe. The edgy commercial promises 'a better butt' as well as more toned calves and thighs. At around $100 a pair, you have to ask yourself: will these shoes buy me a better butt? Or is it just a whole lotta hype? My analysis ahead...

The Claim: "Get a better butt and legs with every step". Emulates walking on sand.

The Ad: "88% of men are speechless.
76% of women jealous.
EasyTone helps you get better legs and a better butt with every single step."

The Science. I've tried similar shoes to these. They were marketed as 'the better butt' shoe. But this is the first time I've seen a mainstream brand like Reebok bring the 'better butt shoe' to a mainstream market. After wearing shoes similar to Reebok's (similar curved foot pads), I can attest that the fact that you will feel a difference when you walk around in these shoes. You're working muscles that you wouldn't normally be working when walking around in a tennis shoe. It is a bit like walking on sand. And yes, your butt muscles can feel it. Walking does become a bit more challenging. The feeling of 'toning' is there. But here's the rub for the 'better butt' promise...

Any trained physical trainer will tell you
: "It doesn't matter how much you work your butt muscles, if you don't trim the fat, you won't be able to see the tone. And have an, aka 'better butt'" So it all depends on what you are trying to achieve. What does 'better' mean to you? If you are simply trying to build butt and leg muscles during your everyday walking activities, these shoes may be for you. But if you want a 'better butt' and are currently a few pounds over your target weight, don't expect these to be miracle shoes. And if you wear your traditional workout shoes and go to the gym, you'll probably get better results that not going to the gym and just walking around in these shoes.

I'm all for strength training, but shoes that promise a 'better butt' kinda get me down. I wish Reebok had marketed them as shoes that work your muscles and assist you in building muscles. Not simply 'get a better butt'. Building healthy muscles shouldn't be about looking a certain way, it should be about building your strength and overall physical fitness of your body.

OK, off my shoebox, er, soapbox....

So, Should you buy a pair???

If you are already looking into purchasing a new $100+ pair of athletic shoes, I'd give these a look. But be warned-you will need a while to get used to the feel of these shoes. They really do feel different on your feet. And guess what, you probably won't be able to use these shoes for much more than walking around town and running errands-not running marathons. So if you are looking for an all-purpose 'cross trainer' shoe, I'd skip this one.

Who this Shoe is for. If you are simply looking for an everyday casual wear shoe that will boost your muscle usage while you walk, go for Reebok EasyTone. There are several trendy styles and colors to choose form. With names like "Go Outside" "Inspire" and "Rush" you can see that Reebok is trying to market this shoe to the busy individual who is focused on everyday wellness and health. And guess what, you can even buy a flip-flop version of the shoe for around $60. Same effect, less shoe. Beach ready. But wait, if you are at the beach you probably don't need a flip-flop that emulates walking on sand. Hmm...

The Moral of the Shoe Story.... Anything that promises a 'better body' with little work by you is usually just hype. I mean you do have to wear these shoes and walk around in them a lot to get the toning effects. Wearing them while watching TV, won't cut it. And like I said, it doesn't matter how much muscle you have if your body weight isn't at an ideal state to begin with. The good news: muscle burns more calories than fat, so adding muscle tone will assist with weight loss. But you must lessen the body fat before you can truly see the muscle tone. Good habits for wellness (and a better butt): diet, exercise and a lot of walking the shoe or not, your call....

Reebok's EasyTone Website

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