Paradise Found Fruit Salad. No Forks Allowed. Skin, on.

Who says you can't enjoy a few slices of paradise, even in the early days of fall? My Paradise Found Fruit Salad makes finding paradise pretty easy. And with this sunset-colored fruit salad there's no need for utensils. In fact, no forks allowed.

Papaya and Organic Mango Inspired. Any fruit foodie knows that Sept-Oct is the perfect time of year to indulge in a treasured tropical-tasting treat: organic mangoes grown in the USA. They are only in season for a few precious months. Read my post about imported hot-water treated mangoes vs. fresh raw organic California mangoes. Ahead, check out my recipe and find out why 'skin on' is my preference for fruit plates. And I recall my sports practice orange-slices-in-zip-lock-bag snack memory...

Skin On. I have left the skin on for the mango and the papaya. Why? Well whenever you are serving fruit either as a garnish or as the main ingredient like here, you may notice that fruit left in its skin will 'keep fresh' a bit longer than peeled fruit. Less oxidation. (The skin, leaves and stem of fruit is kinda like the root and leaves of a plant. A rooted plant lasts longer than a plucked flower with no rooted stem.) Thus, when keeping fruit 100% whole is not an option, like say with berries, grapes and unsliced figs, the next best thing is to slice the fruit, douse it in lemon juice and plate it skin in tact. Plus, This ensures that more of the yummy fruit flesh will get in you or your guests mouths as opposed to the garbage can. So at your next brunch or Sunday morning fruit salad at home, leave the skin on your fruit.

No Forks Required. Remember when you were just a hungry kid at an after-school sport practice or big game? There was that one mom that would bring the giant bags of sliced oranges as an after-game snack for the team. Heaping zip lock bags filled to the brim with bright orange zesty citrus slices. You and your friends would pass around the fruit and bite the orange flesh from its rind like little animals. It tasted fresh, sweet and oh so cravable. Well whatever mom that started that trend was smart. Sure, she could have peeled the oranges and sliced them up, but leaving the skin on acted as a nice little protection seal. And who says you can't still use your hands to eat fruit today? Dive in. No forks allowed.

Paradise Found Fruit Salad
serves 2

1 organic mango, not imported
1 organic banana
1 large red papaya
spritz of lemon juice, optional


1. Wash all fruit well in cold water. Use a vegetable wash spray if you have one. You want the skins to be clean since they will act as your utensils for this salad! No forks allowed!

2. Slice your papaya into circles. Clean out the inner black seeds-gently. Then slice the circles into half circle slices. Arrange on your serving plate.

3. Slice your mango in two large slices, right along the pit. Slice each halve into long strips-skin on. Arrange mango spears on your plate. Slice the remaining mango off the pit and eat it as a 'chef's taste tester'. :)

4. You can either peel your banana and slice it into spears for the plate, or slice it into small circles-skin on. Your choice.

5. If your fruit plate will be sitting out for more than a few minutes, I suggest spritzing it with some lemon juice or grapefruit juice to keep its color and act as a protective seal.

Enjoy your paradise...

...and if you really want to eat your skin-on fruit with a spoon, I suggest you try my papaya bowl.

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