Healthy NBCU Unveiled. Wellness Content Fast Track.

The headline today in my AdWeek Daily Email: "NBCU Makes 'Healthy' Choice: Marketing drive aims to connect consumers, employees and advertisers with health and wellness content."

When I read this I shook my head in approval and thought, "Finally, mainstream media is starting to get it! America demands health and wellness based content." Lauren Zalaznick, president, NBC Universal Women and Lifestyle Entertainment Networks said,

"Now more than ever consumers are striving to take charge of their well-being."

All Aboard!
It's true: consumers want to see more content that will help them achieve a healthier life. I hope more networks jump on board and start embracing health and wellness rather than fearing it. Want more info on what this new initiative means for NBCU? Click ahead...

Healthy NBCU: Healthy (Marketing) Initiative.
So yes, this announcement is filed under the term "marketing initiative". But don't fret. This is a good thing. Health and wellness based advertisers will be put on the fast track to marketing their products. So instead of a sugar-snacks-and-sweets sponsored programming, you may see healthy products and wellness lifestyle brands. Adweek reports this:

"The health initiative, unveiled at a New York breakfast gathering today, will provide marketers one-stop shopping for health and wellness content across multiple NBCU assets including Today and Biggest Loser on NBC; Dance Your Ass Off on the Oxygen cable network; and the women's focused iVillage, which is developing a new microsite devoted to health-related issues. NBC's perennial public service campaign, The More You Know, will also be devoted to health themes for the next year."

The More You Know.
An interesting features of this marketing initiative is that Adweek reports, "NBC's perennial public service campaign, The More You Know, will also be devoted to health themes for the next year."

The program is being coordinated by Women@NBCU. They call health and wellness a "red hot category".

One of the first big sponsors: Campbell Soups. Their new lower sodium "heart healthy" soups will be featured on the Today Show, and that's only the beginning...

..Might I suggest to NBCU: Feature a few vegetarian based sponsors and content. More and more people are becoming curious about eating less meat. Or no meat or animal products at all. How innovative and progressive it would be for NBC Universal to be one of the first major networks to seriously discuss this growing hot topic.

I'll be watching.

Read the entire article by AdWeek here.

Read the official press release:
"NBC Universal Makes an Unprecedented Commitment to Health and Wellness."

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