Trick or Treat Halloween Canvas Bags from LBB!

Purchase these bags in the online Zazzle store for LBB

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! It's never too soon to start planning for the fun. Now is the perfect time to start thinking about your costume and how in the world your kids or yourself :) can collect all those trick or treat goodies. (Vegan treats I hope, Ecorazzi has a good list).

Halloween 2009. Here are the 2009 Lunchbox Bunch Halloween Trick or Treat bags, on sale now at Zazzle. They are high quality canvas, Eco-friendly and oh so adorable. Many designs to choose from featuring Little Lost "Fairy" Grape, Smarty "Ghost" Tomato and a special 'holiday only' character Shy "Mummy" Peanut! Check out the Halloween Bag photos ahead...

Here are the Halloween-tastic bags! Collect them all and share them with your Halloween friends. These fun Lunchbox Bunch characters are a great costume idea too.

Purchase these bags in the online Zazzle store for LBB. Click on the bag title below for direct the product link:

LBB Character Trio Trick or Treat:

LBB Trio Happy Halloween:

Smarty "Ghost" Tomato Happy Halloween:

Smarty "Ghost" Tomato Trick or Treat:

Little "Fairy" Grape Trick or Treat:

Little Lost "Fairy" Grape Happy Halloween:

Shy "Mummy" Peanut, Happy Halloween:

Store Link Here.

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