Foods for Your Mood Series. Part Two: Energizing Menus..

Wrapping of part two of my Foods for Your Mood mini-series: Energizing Foods! Instead of posting a list of energizing recipes as I usually do, I've decided to give you four days of "Energizing Menus" as examples of how I like to eat for energy! Tons of energy-boosting recipe links in this post.

In case you missed it:
part one of this series was "Calming Foods" and coming up will be "Purifying Foods" and "Comforting Foods". Series Schedule.

When and How you Eat Matters. When seeking an energizing meal plan it is important to note that when and how you eat is just as important as what you eat. For instance, if you ate your entire days worth of food at 10am and 7pm only, instead of breaking it into mini-meals, your energy level might suffer.

Hopefully you've already read my "Ultimate Energy Foods Guide" and now you are ready to take a look at these Energizing Menus...

Foods for Your Mood: Energizing Menus.
*Note that this is an example diet of how I eat for energy, your dietary needs may vary so always consult with your own doctor or dietitian.


Upon Rising: Handful of raw cashews and glass of tea or fresh juice
Breakfast: Super Enzyme Banana Pineapple Smoothie with protein powder added or 1-2 vegan sausage patties for protein
Mid-Morning Snack: Pop Quiz Toast-Ups (any nut butter and fruit combo)
Lunch: Fennel Arugula Citrus Salad with 1 cup of edamame soy beans and sunflower seeds added (slice of sprouted grain bread optional)
Afternoon Snack: "My Glass is Greener" Green Juice (add some ambrosia-style trail mix if extra hungry)
Dinner: Sweet Potato Mash with Lemon Pepper Tempeh Cubes side of Crunchy Cool Jicama Slaw
Bedtime Munchie: One Nutty Peanut Butter Brown Cookie


Upon Rising: coconut water or fresh-pressed nut milk
Breakfast: Surfer Sunrise Golden Fruit Salad, Goji Berry Chai and almond butter/maple syrup spread on a whole grain bagel or toast
Mid-Morning Snack: raw almonds and dried blueberries
Lunch: Lemon Peppered Pasta Salad with lemon-pepper braised tofu cubes tossed in. Small side of avocado Beet Pea Shoot Salad.
Afternoon Snack: fresh fruit, your choice
Dinner: Quinoa Paella with a side salad of Ginger Citrus Napa Cabbage Slaw
Bedtime Munchie: Sweet Orange Cherry Poppy seed Loaf with Chamomile tea or coconut water


Upon Rising: Kumquat Mandarin Sunrise juice and 5 raw cashews or brazil nuts
Breakfast: Saffron Scented Tofu Scramble, with raw chopped tomatoes and peppers on top. Sprouted grain toast on side-optional.
Mid-Morning Snack: organic apple
Lunch: Veggie Stack Sandwich with water or green tea, a few raw nuts on side
Afternoon Snack: Kitchen Sink Granola Bar
Dinner: A few triangles of my Sweet and Sassy Sweet Potato Pockets. Side salad with raw veggies, nuts and seeds tossed in and a few tempeh cubes tossed on top.
Bedtime Munchie: Zesty Lemon Custard bar


Upon Rising: Morning Melon Bowl or Papaya Lime Bowl
Breakfast:Fuyu Cream Crusty and Spicy Goji Chai Tea
Mid-Morning Snack: 1 organic orange and a hefty handful of raw walnuts
Lunch: Double Fruit Enzyme Smoothie with Bullseye Spiral Wraps
Afternoon Snack: A big bowl of veggie sticks and a few whole grain tortilla chips with Vegan Ranch Dressing Dip
Dinner: Fiesta Jalapeno Spicy Carrot Ginger Soup with Salsa Verde Guac/blue chips and a side of black beans and Tomato Mexican Rice.
Bedtime Munchie: Chai Berry Short Cup

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