Foods for your Mood Series.

Get Series-ously excited! I can't wait for my month-long "Entertaining Appetizers" Series I'll be starting next month, just in time for the holiday season. But before we delve into the world of making healthy vegan whole foods look 'pretty' and 'appetizing' for our guests, I want to do a mini-series that focuses on one person: you!

Foods for your Mood.
One of my favorite vintage foodie blog posts (circa Jan 2006) was by Sarma of PFW and One Lucky Duck. It was simply titled "Mood-there's a reason it rhymes with Food." It's a great read. Like Sarma, I also believe that food can have an overwhelming impact on not only your emotional mood, but the way your body feels and acts. It's as simple as listening to your body. Are you tired, jittery, sluggish, tense, clogged or frazzled? Only you know best what mood your body is craving, and the right foods are there to help you get there! The four 'moods' or 'body states' I'll be featuring are: calming, energizing, purifying and comforting. For example, my peach-papaya smoothie shown above is a perfect 'calming' recipe. Check out the post schedule for this end of September mini series starting next week!...

Foods for your Mood Mini-Series: Post Schedule

9/22/09 Calming Foods and Recipes
This menu of food ideas is one to choose when you are feeling jittery, nervous or just plain frazzled! Maybe your digestive system feels extra delicate and needs some TLC. Foods in this menu may include probiotics, whole food enzymes and some sweet selections that are easy to digest and will hopefully leave you feeling a bit calmer than the day before.

9/25/09 Energizing Foods and Recipes
This menu of food ideas is perfect to a Friday post because they are perfect for when you are craving energy and have some extra calories to burn! Maybe you are gearing up for a long energized Saturday in the sun, or perhaps you simply want to fuel up for a special event. These foods will perk up your spirit and give you a boost of energy that leaves you at the top of your game.

9/28/09 Purifying Foods and Recipes
It's Monday, you had a long crazy weekend and perhaps you didn't have time to take care of your body as much as you'd hoped. You feel sluggish, tired and simply clogged. This menu of foods (and wellness techniques) will kick start your body into a natural purification mode. Stimulate your body with simple pure ingredients that taste delicious! Since your body is already feeling a bit 'clogged' you'll want to start your day with plenty of purifying juices and tonics. Raw food is the key to this yummy menu.

9/30/09 Comforting Foods and Recipes
Fall is here, and comfort foods will be on the brain for the next few seasons. So why not kick start the season of 'winding things down' with a few delicious comfort style recipes and foods. Soups, muffins and comfort style recipes will be highlighted.

So don't miss this delicious "Foods for your Mood" mini-series.
And get super-excited for "Entertaining Appetizers": a perfect selection of healthy vegan, crowd-pleaser recipes, perfect for the holiday seasons ahead of us. The "EA" series schedule will be announce in the next few weeks!

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