Pop Quiz Toast-Ups! Grab-n-Go, with a Lesson...

Yawn. Stretch. Wait, no alarm? What time is it? Oh no! You overslept!

Admit it, you've been there.
And the chances are pretty good that you or someone in your household will experience the "I'm sooo late!" syndrome sometime in the near future. And when time gets crunched, a healthy breakfast usually takes a back seat to a 'no breakfast at all' morning. Bad idea. Bad habit! Skipping breakfast is a habit that can be formed at a young age and last through adulthood. So, don't do it! But on the other hand, don't grab that silver-wrapped sugar-filled toaster tart either. Grab something healthy and fast: my Pop Quiz Toast-Ups! They are portable, contain only 3 ingredients each and the flavor combo possibilities are endless. This is a recipe with a life long lesson that goes with it! Check it out, because you never know when a 'pop quiz' is right around the corner...

The Moral of the Recipe is... OK, OK this recipe is super duper simple. Simplicity is the root of greatness, in my humble opinion. So you have to look a bit deeper than the simple Toast-Ups recipe itself. There is a lesson here. By feeding your kids (or your hubby, siblings or self) this easy to-go breakfast (instead of skipping or skimping on healthy eats), you are teaching a very important lesson: "there is never a good reason to skip breakfast". There have been numerous studies that show that adults who regularly eat breakfast are reaping the health benefits from it. Breakfast stabilizes your blood sugar, breaks your all-night no-food fast and supplies your brain and body with the much needed carbohydrates it craves in the morning. So teach your kids that eating breakfast at home or on the go can be as easy as "Bread it. Spread it. Fill it. Fold it. But Don't Spill it!!!"

Sell it to the Kids! There's even an easy song to sing as you quickly create your on-the-go meal: "Bread it! Spread it! Fill it! Fold it! Just don't spill it!"

Bread it: Grab the bread.
Spread it: Spread your filling ingredient.
Fill it: Stuff it with fruit.
Fold it. Carefully fold over half the bread-no cutting allowed! Think taco-style, not sandwich.
Just don't spill it...

One simple recipe, endless combos! The basic recipe for Pop Quiz Toast-Ups is simple. I'm sure you've even made similar open face toast for breakfast before. But the trick is that you fold over the bread, without cutting it so that all the contents go in your mouth and not on your lap. Because when you are eating in a hurry you don't want a food malfunction all over your wardrobe! The three components are 1) the bread 2)a spread 3) the fresh fruit filling.

Here is the basic recipe:

Pop Quiz Toast-Ups
makes two toast-ups

2 slices of bread
*sprouted grain is suggested
2 Tbsp of spread
2 Tbsp of thinly sliced fruit filling

Here are a few filling ideas...

almond butter
peanut butter
cashew nut butter
sunflower seed butter
tofu cream cheese

pomegranate seeds
dried goji berries
dried cherries

Recipe Ideas:
Peaches and veggie cream tofu cheese
banana and any nut butter
strawberries and plain tofu cream cheese
apples and any nut butter
pears and peanut butter
mango and cream tofu cheese

Try it Savory! Want even more flavor combos? Try a few savory toast-ups:

Savory Spreads
bean dip
melted vegan cheese
mashed avocado

Savory Fillings

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