Monster Fennel Bulb Find.

A fennel bulb the size of a lemon? So average. I craved some really fabulous fennel. Monster fennel: found!

Monster Fennel. Nothing is more inspiring to me than a big beautiful piece of produce. Give me a giant fuzzy peach with leaf and stem in tact, a plump shiny tomato picked off a rustic green vine or a bright white bulb of crisp crunchy fennel. My foodie endorphins go wild. So when I found this over-sized fennel bulb sitting all alone at the market, I had to buy it and I had to share my market find with you. Fennel slaw, braised fennel with maple lemon glaze or maybe raw fennel crudites. I think I have enough for all these dishes and more. Happy fennel Friday to me. I hope this mini-post inspires you to head out to your local farmers market this weekend and discover your own produce treasure. Even more fennel photos ahead...

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