Totally Tropical Smoothie. Summer Sunset Sweet.

Weekend Getaway Smoothie. Lay in a sunbeam, slide on some dark shades and sink into a lounge chair as you sip this Totally Tropical Smoothie. Summer breeze, sunshine, the sound of ocean waves crashing in the background...or on your iTunes earphones.

Totally Tropical Smoothie. The glowing pink color reminds me of a tropical sunset. I make it two ways, zesty or creamy, to suit whatever liquids you may have in your fridge. Here's the recipe...

Totally Tropical Smoothie, zesty
vegan, serves 1-2

1 1/4 cups fresh squeezed OJ
1/2 cup lemonade
1 cup frozen strawberries (add a few fresh if you have them)
1/2 cup frozen papaya or peaches
1 frozen banana
1/2 tsp apple cider vinegar
1 Tbsp agave or maple syrup
1/4 cup coconut water ice cubes
1 Tbsp shredded coconut

optional: a few raw cashews
optional: splash of aloe vera juice

Creamy Version: substitute lemonade/OJ with 1 1/2 cups soy milk and 1/4 cup apple juice


Blend until smooth!

Adjust liquid to match your desired thickness.

Sip. Smile.

(Ocean wave sound, sea breeze and seagulls over-head, not included.)

Smoothie Advice/Info: Wondering why I add apple cider vinegar? Find out and get more quips and answers - Read my Smoothie FAQ's!

Get my Twenty Smoothie Tips and make all your blended bevies better!

Vintage End of Summer Story:

Over the weekend I was walking along Broadway, past a few random New York University dormitories around Astor Place. The streets were flooded with incoming students, their nervous parents and "student ambassadors" as stated on their t-shirts. The incoming NYU students were giddy with excitement, their suitcase traffic jams spilling from the sidewalk out into the street, no apologies. The lively students created a warm optimistic buzz in the air. Even the moody taxicab drivers were hesitant to honk amidst the dorm registration traffic jam. A new school year ahead, congrats to the students. But wait, is it really fall soon?! I'd better squeeze a few late summer smoothies in, while I still can!..


Late Summer Detox Tips. Summer Speeds on by...

Summer speeds by, the seasons transition-and so do we.
September beckons as the thick humid days of summer melt away. The blistering orange sun peels away at the seams uncovering a dull blue sky spewing moody rainstorms and presenting us with hazy fog-layered mornings. The summer season slips away like a summer intern at 5pm sharp; a sneaky and careful path of retreat turns to abrupt, amidst a cloud of thunder. These soggy days of summer seep into my skin and leave me feeling a bit like a plum tree after a late summer harvest: worn, bare branches, frazzled leaves left scattered about. There's no hiding from the dull looming gaze of end of summer sluggishness. Take a deep breath in and let it squeeze your skin until you can't take it anymore. Only then can you renew, restart and come clean for fall.

Late Summer Detox. Spring cleaning gets all the great PR. But what about the late summer doldrums? Even worse. Brush the tired, hazy, soggy feeling away with my simple tips to detox for the coming season...

Why? Lets re-cap the summer lifestyle: we've been doused with AC, we've swam through soupy messes of humid night air so hot it made our clothes stick to our stomachs. We've eaten everything from BBQ veggie burgers and greasy sweet potato fries to tall ice cream sundaes, a cherry on top. We've grilled our veggies over a hot sweltering stove or grill. We've soaked in the sun for a long lazy weekend. Days at the beach or days watching sports live or in HD. "It's hot outside" was our excuse for being anything but spry. Sludge gathers on the windows of tall buildings. Kitty cat and doggies' fur becomes thick and milky with dander. Pollution hangs in the air. Smog from somewhere finds its way into our lungs. We crave crisp, clean, and fresh things. And so a primal craving comes to detox this season.

Seasonal Detox. I was once told by a spa worker at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington DC, that many of her regular clients come in four times a year, every season to get a full facial/massage and day to renew. Hmmph, how that would be! Quite a pampered life. But while I was inspired by the idea of seasonal detox, I knew that I didn't have to have a full retreat day at a luxurious spa to do a little seasonal revitalization for the mind, body and spirit. I can renew on my own time, with a few easy tips. Here are my ten tips for having your own late summer detox spa, in the comfort of your own home...

Summer ends, party's over...

Summer treats close their season...

Fun in the Sun comes to a close...

1. Juice it Away. All good things start with a great juice. I never regret starting my day with a fresh juice, smoothie or bowl of fresh-cut fruit. Fresh lively enzymes, pure flavors and nutrients galore. Take a few days and commit yourself to starting your day with fresh juice or fruit. For detox, you may want to include these ingredients: lots of ginger, lemon juice, aloe vera, apple cider vinegar, milk thistle, cayenne, wheat grass, acai, papaya or pineapple for fresh fruit enzymes, kombucha tea and juiced greens like parsley, spinach, arugula and watercress. Bottom line: stay hydrated during your detox. High quality water and fresh juices are key.

2. Dead Cells: Gone. Scrub away the dead skin cells of summer.
I find myself brushing my cat's fur and thick mounds of skin cells, dander and milky hair peel away. I can only imagine how this same effect happens on my skin as well. Buy a skin brush, or get a nice sea salt scrub or sugar scrub (Trader Joe's sells a few very nice aromatherapy scrubs for a good price) and in your morning shower scrub away the dead. If you are using a brush, skin brush your entire body before you get in the shower-dry skin sloughs off easier than wet. Did you know that 20% of the detox process is done through the largest organ in our bodies, the skin.

3. Epsom Salts. I take a lot of epsom salt baths in the winter. But in the summer I skip them. By the end of the summer I can feel a difference. Epsom salts are excellent for detox. So force yourself to do a few epsom soaks this time of year and you will feel the difference. More on epsom salts.

4. Live Snacks vs. Dead Snacks. During the summer it is easy to eat a lot of dead salty foods like chips, roasted nuts, salty fried foods and such. Now is the time to put down the dry soy chips or potato crisps and think about snacking on live, raw foods, Raw nuts, fresh fruit, live nut butter spreads, live nut and bean milks, fresh veggie sticks, live juices and seed and nut granola bars.Think low in salt and high in water content and enzymes. Cut back on the fried and the dried, aka chips and crisps.

5. Probiotics Regimen. During your seasonal detox, I highly recommend supplementing your diet with high-in-probiotics products. Basic yogurt is great, but I prefer a probiotics super-pill or my favorite: BioKPlus soy yogurt shots. Expensive yes, but when I drink them for ten days or so, I always feel the difference.

6. Chill Out and Logout! You may think that you've had a lot of time to relax this summer, but sometimes it's all a big laying -in-the-sun illusion! A lot of down time can actually leave you feeling even more sluggish and tired. My answer? I'll turn to long walks and anti-technology meditation sessions. I'll force myself to go on a long walk to the store or to pick up dinner to go. Why should the delivery guy get all the good-for-you exercise?! I'll pull out my running shoes and walk, walk, walk. Clearing my mind and muscles is the key. Next, I'll turn off my phone, resist my computer and close my eyes in silence for 20 minutes. Do it with your hubby or a co-worker. Just sit in silence to hear nothing but the late summer rain trickling outside your window and the soggy car tires zooming down the street. (My version of silence. Silence is hard to come by in NYC.)

7. Virginize Your Happy Hour. Summertime means sunset drinks and happy hour celebrations. Well during your detox, take a pause from your happy hour and start a new habit: happy hour juices. Drink all natural tonics, juices and elixirs for an evening buzz. Try super ginger juice or a tart berry lemonade. Stick some muddled mint in your iced tea or chug fizzy fuzzy peach spritzers made from seltzer, lemon juice, chopped peaches and lots peach nectar. And trust me on that ginger-it will give you a ginger buzz that you will crave!

8. Salads. Raw salads are what I crave this time of year. But not just wimpy tiny side salads. Big, giant, full of mixed veggies salads. I chop up anything and everything for my detox salads: fennel, carrots, spinach, arugula, radishes, bell peppers, sweet onions, cabbage, endive, pea shoots, edamame, watercress, tomatoes, avocado, mango, oranges, grapefruit, mushrooms, beets, peas, chilled beans, corn, apples, parsley, sprouts, olives and more! I adore my giant raw salads-especially this time or year. I'll top them with some tempeh or tofu cubes for added protein.

9. Coconut Water: Instant Hydration.
I had to add this tip, because I am a coconut water believer. For hydration, you can't beat it! Try coconut water. If you aren't already hooked, I suggest you try it. Fresh young coconuts are the best source, you can even buy coconuts from Whole Foods. But if you opt for a brand my favorites are ZICO and O.N.E. One Natural Experience. And it is...

10. Hot/Cold Water Therapy. Love this tip. I try to do this in the shower everyday. But during a detox session it is a great way to get your blood flowing and toxins moving.

Those are my end of summer detox tips. I hope they help you to feel spry and refreshed in your transition to fall.


Back to School Eats Series Part 5: Sweet Treats!

Every kid needs an after school milk and cookies session once in a while. But nowadays, vegan chocolate chip cookies with soy or nut milk is the smart way to indulge. And haven't you heard: vegan treats have never been tastier!

Grade A Kids. Wrapping up Part 5 of my Back to School Series, I've got ten sweet treats for your grade A kids! Teaching your kids that a special sweet treat is OK once in a while is a fabulous lesson in moderation. Teach your kids to have a healthy relationship with treat foods rather than a love/hate one, and you will be doing them right! And in most cases, vegan treats are a lot healthier than traditional after-school-snack treats. Check out my list, you're sure to find something yummy to treat yourself with...

Standard Student Treats. Packaged, processed, artificially colored, HFCS sweetened, fake, fried, fatty and just down right toxic. There are a lot of not so good for you treats out there, and when you are a peer-pressurized student, those treats seem to find their way on your lap. Frosted donuts, sugary sodas, fluffy cupcakes and cookies the size of your head. Treats can quickly put you into overdrive when it comes to sugar, fat, calories and even trans fat quotas. Read those labels moms and dads! And then teach your kids to read labels. Or better yet-select your sweets from a few of my faves for back to school treats..

1. Just Almond and Chocolate Chip Cookies.
Everyone needs a perfect vegan chocolate chip cookie in their recipe repertoire. This is mine.

2. Chocolate Pudding Hand Pies
Perfect for toting to school, or a nice after-school treat. These pies have a hearty healthy crust and the chocolate pudding inside is simply delicious. Shun the Red 40 artificially flavored pies, and grab one of these!

3. Vegan Bakery Treats. Outsource your Dessert.
I really hope you have a bakery in your town that makes a few vegan treats. In NYC, we have Babycakes. Vegan Doughnuts. Quite a treat indeed. I encourage you to chat with your local baker and say you are interested in a few vegan options. Who knows-maybe some experimental vegan muffins or cookies will be the talk of the town and put a new bakery store on the map! And these doughnuts are proof that vegan can mean decadent.

4. Chai-Berry Short Cup
It tastes like a strawberry milkshake. But it's not. This sweet treat smoothie is packed with protein and fresh fruit goodness. And who doesn't love a cool hydrating smoothie after a long day of classes? Definitely dessert worthy, yet healthy enough for breakfast!

5. Peanut Brown Butter cookies
One of my favorite cookie flavors as a kid was peanut butter! Loved them. Those cute little fork criss-crosses on top. Well here is my healthier vegan recipe for delicious nutty peanut butter cookies.

6. Zesty Lemon Custard Bars
This recipe won me the 'best disguise of tofu' award at the Tofu Takedown in NYC. Everyone loved them and questioned as to how much tofu I even used! But there is actually a nice hefty portion in each bite. I love this lemon-fresh recipe and your kids will too.

7. Vegan Campfire Smores
Yes vegan marshmallows do exist. And yes they are really good. And so yes, you can easily make your next campfire vegan-friendly. Trust me, the kids won't even know the difference. The only comments might be are that the dark chocolate and gooey marshmallows taste extra delicious.

8. Vanilla Cinnamon Rice Pudding
This rice pudding is good enough to eat! A lot of kids might be hesitant to try rice pudding, but give it a try and hopefully they will be impressed. Drizzle some maple syrup and cinnamon and how on earth can they say no? For a special treat, add in the seeds from a whole vanilla bean-wow does that perk up the flavor. And rice pudding can even be eaten as a healthy breakfast. Use brown rice and add lots of fresh chopped fruit. Sweet.

9. Meyer Lemon Custard Island Parfait
Here is your two minute treat recipe. If you are short on time and want to feed your kids a healthy treat in a snap, check out this recipe. Yogurt is the main ingredient, but a few sneaky add-ins give it a whole new flavor that's sweet-treat approved.

10. Black and White Cookie Cupcakes
Headed to a birthday party? Need a lot of cupcakes? You want to make them yummy and vegan right? Well here's a unique recipe to try. It was a big hit at my nephew's third birthday party. You can give the kids all the chocolate they crave, without all the sugary frosting. Just a nice clean dollop of white glaze on top. Another great feature is that both the kids and adults will rave about them.

Check out more sweets and desserts here.


Babycakes Vegan Doughnuts. Enough Said.

Bliss. Bliss is granted to all the doughnut lovers out there (vegan or not). All week I had been hearing the buzz about Babycakes NYC brand new vegan doughnuts. Thus, being the diligent foodie that I am, I skipped down to check them out this Saturday morning.

Vegan Doughnuts? If you expect vegan doughnuts to be bland, wimpy or hard-as-a-rock, think again. Moist-yet-crisply-coated, natural-flavor-infused and bouncy-textured are all phrases to describe these decadent gems. And FYI, they are indeed baked, not fried. Nice! Babycakes has put itself on the map as a doughnut destination location. But if you can't make it to NYC for a taste-test, here's the next best thing: my review and tons of doughnut photos....

Doughnut Tweets. Here's what Babycakes has been tweeting about all week in regards to their new doughnuts:
"Doughnuts for today: Cinnamon Sugar, Powdered Sugar and Lemon Coconut Lil' Guys and Chocolate Dipped Big Guys!11:36 AM Aug 28th from web

"Doughnuts today... Raspberry Glazed, Toasted Coconut, Cinnamon Sugar, Powdered Sugar and Jelly! Mmmmm."

Vegan Foodie Excitement. You don't know how excited I get when I hear buzz about a new vegan treat in town. And when I hear that the new treat just happens to be 'vegan doughnuts' from Babycakes, I do cartwheels. (Well not really, my apartment is too small for that. Giddy jumps of joy will have to do.) Mind you, decadent vegan treats are not an everyday thing, but as a worthy sometimes treat: yipp-ee. Here's my review...

My Review: Babycakes NYC Vegan Doughnuts
Flavors: Cinnamon Sugar, Powdered Sugar with Jelly, Lemon Coconut, Chocolate Dipped.

Shelf Appeal: Well you've already read my review of Babycakes NYC adorable lil' shop on the lower east side. So you know I love everything about their branding, store setup and the decadently 'vanilla-cinnamon' store smell that knocks you over upon entering the bakery. Divine. The cute little donuts were all lined up happily on the shelf with inviting little flavor signs. "One of each please!" :)

Label Check: Vegan. Made with high quality ingredients, as is the Babycakes way. Ingredients like: extra virgin coconut oil, spelt and potato flours, xantham gum, agave syrup, and other vegan baking ingredients. So while I don't know the secret doughnut recipe, I can assure you, there's some good stuff in there. BUT, nothing low-fat or fat-free here. It is a doughnut. Decadence is a must. Vegan doughnuts. From Babycakes. That should tell you enough about the label.

Taste Test: Um, yum? Super yum. Spine-tingling, warm-feeling inside on a cool foggy morning yum. Let me give each flavor the attention it deserves. Cinnamon Sugar: super moist. Crusty fine-milled cinna-sugar outer layer. Reminds me of when I used to make cinnamon toast as a kid. Chocolate Glazed: Deep dark chocolate flavor. Melty. The chocolate was perfectly moist/sticky/shiny. Are you sure these are vegan!? Lemon Coconut: Exotically lovely. Bright, fresh lemon flavor shines through and screams 'natural flavorings!' Nothing artificial here. Light angel-like coconut coating. Lovely. Powdered-Jelly: Super decadent texture. The powder wasn't as fluffy and saturated as on a typical powdered-sugar doughnut. But that's quite OK with me. The jelly was gooey and sweet like a fresh raspberry jam. Again, natural flavors shine here. The moist doughnut cake was the perfect vessel to display the flavorful fresh-fruit, chocolaty, cinnamon-riffic brilliance of these pure flavors.

Price Check: $3-$3.50 The little ones were $2.95 I believe. So that's around $36 a dozen. Not cheap. But as a one or two doughnut treat-well worth it. And believe me, vegan baking ingredients can be quite pricey. And FYI, the very famous and popular Donut Plant just a few blocks from Babycakes sells their donuts for about the same price.

Last Word: Forget the Sex in the City themed NYC trips. I'm predicting Vegan Treats themed NYC trips in the forecast. Whole tourist buses, trolling the sights, smells and tastes of the vegan delights this great city has to offer. Book your trip today! First stop: Babycakes. Have a cinnamon-sugar doughnut for me.

Lots more Babycakes Doughnuts Photos:


Chocolate Pudding Hand Pies. Healthy Makeover.

Remember those hand-held fruit pies that you ate as a kid? There was a chocolate flavor too. Well despite the pleasant childhood nostalgia, there's not much nice to say about those artificially flavored and colored pies. The Hostess 'Cherry Pie' ingredients tell it all: Red 40. 50% your RDA of saturated fat per pie. Yuck. So I decided to test out my own recipe for Vegan Chocolate Pudding Hand Pies. First I made some soy chocolate pudding. Then I made some hearty-grained biscuit-style dough. Put them together and my pies were born. The flavors were dreamy, although I do have a few tips for making them even better next time. Check out my recipe and what I'd do differently...

The Good. I love my crust. It had more of a biscuit flavor than a pie crust flavor, but I liked that. I loved the complex flavors of the dough. I put a lot of healthy ingredients in the dough, so the guilt factor of eating 'chocolate pie' goes way down. I also loved my filling. I've been making variations of this vegan chocolate pudding for a long time, so I knew it would turn out nicely. I added a pinch of cayenne which created a mild spiciness reminiscent of a Mexican hot chocolate.

The Bad. The ratio of crust to filling was a little off. I was rushing a bit and didn't roll my dough out thin enough. A thinner dough would've allowed me to pack more filling into each pocket. So thinner dough for a thinner crust is a big change I will make for next time. Also, I used all whole wheat flour in the dough. This made for a hearty, nutty flavor, but browned and heavied the crust a bit too much. I might change up the flour a bit and use half whole wheat and half white. Or perhaps use all spelt, or some garbanzo-fava flour. Experimentation is wide open for this recipe. I also over-baked these little pies a tad. Watch out for that. Ten minutes should do it.

Fruit or Savory Filling. Next time I will try a few of these hand pies with fresh fruit filling. Or maybe use a really good jam. Apricot. Peach. Plum. Raspberry. Strawberry. Yum. Actually, if you used peanut butter and jam this would make an interesting treat substitute for a pb&j sandwich. Also, a savory cheese or veggie 'pot pie' style filling would also be nice. This hand-pie is great for packing in school lunches. A high energy treat for a kid craving some healthy carbs. So many options, so little time. But for today it's chocolate pies and that's nothing to frown at.

Nutrition Facts. Before I get to my recipe you must see the nutrition facts on one of those classic fruit pies:
Hostess Cherry Fruit Pie Ingredients: Enriched Wheat Flour [Flour, Ferrous Sulfate (Iron), B Vitamins (Niacin, Thiamine Mononitrate (B1), Riboflavin (B2), Folic Acid)], Cherries, Water, Vegetable Oil Shortening (Soybean, Palm, Partially Hydrogenated Cottonseed), Sugar, Corn Syrup, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Modified Corn Starch. Contains 2% or Less of: Soy Flour, Salt, Whey, Soy Protein Isolate, Calcium and Sodium Caseinate, Calcium Carbonate, Calcium Sulfate, Agar, Locust Bean Gum, Dextrose, Sodium Phosphate, Cornstarch, Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable and/or Animal Shortening (Soybean, Cottonseed and/or Canola Oil, Beef Fat), Natural and Artificial Flavors, Sodium Propionate and Sorbic Acid (to Retain Freshness), FD&C Red 40, Yellow 5, Blue 1.
Calories 480
Calories from Fat 180
Total Fat 20 g (31%)
Saturated Fat 10 g (50%)

OK, enough of the yuck, lets get to the yum!...

Chocolate Pudding Hand Pies
vegan, makes 7-8 medium sized hand pies

2 cups flour (mixture of whole wheat/white)
2 Tbsp organic sugar
1/4 cup vanilla soy yogurt
1/3 cup water
1/4 cup almond meal
1 Tbsp flax seed meal
1 Tbsp baking powder
1 1/2 tsp salt
1/4 cup canola oil
*extra flour for sprinkling

1 black 16 ounces silken tofu
1 cup soy milk
1 box Dr.Oetker Chocolate Pudding Mix
3 Tbsp arrowroot powder
1 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp cayenne powder
1/4 cup dark chocolate bar pieces
1/4 cup sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 cup vanilla or plain soy yogurt
extras: organic powdered sugar.


1. Make your pudding by combining all the pudding ingredients in a pot on the stove (except the soy yogurt). Heat on med-high, stirring constantly until a bubbly mixture forms.

2. Turn heat to low and continue stirring for a few minutes. You should have a nice lumpy thick mixture.

3. Transfer the mixture to your blender. Blend on low-medium until all the pudding runs smoothly. Be very careful when blending any heated substance. Vent lid and never aim blender towards your face.

4. Transfer the now smooth pudding to a large bowl.

5. Fold in the soy yogurt.

6. Transfer about 1 1/4 cups in a smaller bowl. This smaller amount is all you will need for your pies. The rest you can store in the fridge for later!

7. Place the small container of pudding in the freezer for 5 minutes to cool it off while you prepare your crust dough.

8. Combine all your dry crust ingredients in a large bowl. Mix.

9. Add in your liquid ingredients and mix until a nice dough is formed. Make sure it is dry enough to roll out-otherwise add a bit more flower.

10. Roll out dough-whatever method works for you. I like to split my dough into two pieces and roll out one while I place the other in the freezer to stay firm for a few minutes.

11. Roll out as thin as possible on a floured surface. Corn tortilla thickness would be perfect.

12. Using a medium sized bowl, cut out pie dough circles. Transfer to a greased baking sheet-carefully.

13. Repeat for all your dough.

14. Grab your chilled pudding. Spoon about 1 1/2 Tbsp of pudding into each pie circle.

15. Fold over circle into a half moon shape. Crimp the edges with a fork.

16. Brush outside of pies with a bit of oil/lemon glaze if you wish-optional.

17. Bake at 400 degrees for ten minutes. You want them to be golden brown, but not over-done! As they cool they will harden a bit.

18. Remove from oven and cool. Sprinkle with powdered sugar.


Just Almond and Chocolate Chip Cookies. Vegan Treat.

As promised, my brand new recipe for Just Almond and Chocolate Chip Cookies is revealed. Everyone needs a crowd-pleasing, slightly unique cookie recipe to grab on a rainy day, and this one will blow you away. My inspiration? One of my product finds of the week: "Just Almond Meal" that I purchased at Trader Joe's. It's a fine milled powder made from 100% ground almonds. Enough chatter, lets get to this recipe! And more yummy photos....

Perfect Cookies?
Yes. These cookies were perfect. I can't tell you how warm, gooey, chewy and flavorful they tasted just out of the oven. Creamy melting chocolate chips all over my face. And I stuck them in the fridge for the next day-they still tasted amazing. Lovely. Really.

Trader Joe's Inspired.
I honestly didn't mean to do this, but almost every item I used was purchased at TJ's. The only non TJ's item was my Silk Live Vanilla Soy Yogurt. Makes for an easy shopping trip.

Just Almond and Chocolate Chip Cookies
vegan, makes about a dozen

1 1/2 cups 'white' whole wheat flour*
3/4 cup +2 Tbsp organic natural sugar*
1 1/4 tsp baking powder
1 1/4 tsp sea salt*
1/2 tsp cinnamon*
3/4 cup "Just" Almond Meal*
1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract*
1/4 cup canola oil*
1 1/2 Tbsp soy creamer*
1/4 cup vanilla soy yogurt
2 Tbsp hand-chopped almonds, roasted and salted*
1 1/4 cups chocolate chips, semi-sweet/vegan*
1 1/2 Tbsp flax seed meal, (blueberry flavored* or plain)
*Purchased at Trader Joe's


1. Combine these dry ingredients: flour, sugar, baking soda, salt, cinnamon, almond meal and flax seed meal. Combine well.

2. Add in liquid ingredients: soy yogurt, canola oil, soy creamer and vanilla extract.

3. Fold in the chopped almonds and chocolate chips.

4. You should have a nice wet cookie dough that is suitable for spooning onto a baking sheet. If the batter seems a bit too wet add a few pinches of flour. Too dry, add in some soy milk or water.

5. Spoon 1 1/2 Tbsp balls onto a lightly greased cookie sheet or ungreased parchment paper.

6. Bake at 375 degrees for ten minutes.

7. Allow to cool for 20 minutes before handling. You can also transfer to a cooling rack if you have one.

Storage: Store on counter-top for a day-store in the fridge for a few days-freeze for longer.