Video: How to Build an Indoor Kitty Garden.

Pets are a part of the family. Pet owners, (or pet parents) work very hard to keep their furry friends healthy and happy. It's important that your pet has a happy place to call their own. A cozy corner, a sunbeam snuggle bed or an indoor kitty garden. Here is my how-to video to build an indoor kitty garden. This is especially great for city-dwellers like me who do not allow their cat outside. Video Above. Or click ahead to see the steps in text...

Here are the steps to building an indoor kitty garden:

1. Find a low-traffic, sunny spot. A view of outside is nice.

2. Add a few floor scratching posts. Add dry catnip to them.

3. Add live kitty grass. Also known as wheat grass. Water it daily.

4. Add a live cat nip plant. Pick a few fresh leaves a day and let kitty smell them.

5. Add a few toys to the kitty corner. Rest time can turn into play time!

Other Tips:

Lots of scratches, rubs and rolls make kitty happy.
A hiding box or cubby hole nearby makes kitty feel safe.

Good luck!

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