Veggie Conquest NYC: I'm a Judge. Tickets on Sale!

I was thrilled when long time vegan and superstar event coordinator Jessica Mahady approached me to be a judge for challenge #1 of her vegan cooking competition: Veggie Conquest. Challenge #1 takes place Aug. 22, 2009 in Chelsea, NYC. Tickets for both chefs and tasters, are available now. Whether you are a vegan chef, foodie or just love the thrill of competition, this event promises to be loads of fun! It's like Iron Chef for vegans-since a 'secret ingredient' will be revealed a week before the event! Too much fun.

Judges Panel.
My fellow judges include the brilliant food stylist, Brian Preston-Campbell and self-declared "hotshot and jack-of-all-trades" Joshua Kutcher. Veggie Conquest is a must-be-there event for all NYC area foodies. I hope to see you guys there. Click ahead for more event details and links...

Veggie Conquest Event Details:

Veggie Conquest
is a monthly vegan cooking competition. Chefs prepare (at their home) a dish based on a secret ingredient for each event.

Judges and tasters at the event choose the top dish, prizes are awarded and everyone chows down and has a great time!

You can come to the events as a chef or a taster. You choose your role when you buy your ticket.

No matter which role you choose, you’ll get an e-mail from Veggie Conquest a week before the event, revealing the secret ingredient and course to be made (appetizer, entree, or dessert). It will also be posted on our blog and Twitter.

Veggie Conquest Website

Buy Tickets
$5-$10 for chefs and tasters

Follow @VeggieConquest on twitter and be the first to know the secret ingredient!!

Veggie Conquest on Facebook.

About Jessica Mahady, event coordinator and founder, and contact info.

Judges info pages:
Kathy Patalsky
Brian Preston-Campbell
Joshua Kutcher

...And don't forget my own vegan cook-off resume including winning the "best disguise of tofu" award at the Tofu Takedown, hosted by Matt Timms, last spring in NYC...Tofu Takedown post here.

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