Twecipes: Micro Recipe Bandwagon. Jump on?

Twecipe Codes DefinedTwecipes are the latest internet trend in the foodie world. So what is a twecipe? Twecipe- A micro-recipe written in 140 characters or less. Sometimes cryptic. Sometimes open to interpretation. Always textable and tweetable.

My First Twecipe. This morning I decided to write and tweet my very first twecipe. According to NYMag's Grub Street, it's the cool thing to do since Martha and Rick Bayless are doing it! My very first twecipe went something like this:

"Twecipe: Acai Grn Smothi 1.5C acai jce 1C soymlk 1C frznblubry 1 frznbana 1T agave 1C cocoIce 1 scoop grn pwrdr - Blnd til smoth! :) *vgn"

Twecipes R Gr8? What do you think about this new trend? Love it or hate it? Take the Twecipe Poll. Interested in learning twecipe code words like One Tbsp = 1T. Click ahead for twecipe codes defined...

Martha is Doing it. Martha Stewart is becoming a master twecipe guru! She tweeted this recipe for Pina Colada's today:

"PINA COLADA Fill blender 1/2 w/ice + C pineapple juice, ¼ C Coco Lopez (coconut cream), 1/3 C rum ~ blend til frothy.about 3 hours ago from HootSuite" -Martha Stewart Tweet.

So if Martha is doing it, it has to be a "good thing" right?! I like this trend. It's fun, modern and challenging! Plus once you get the hang of it, you'll save a lot of time reading and writing out full length recipes! OK, so you'll probably have trouble twecipe-ing a full Thanksgiving Dinner, but for a few smoothies, sauces and entree recipes I think it's an awesome new idea.

Twecipe Measuring Lingo:
One cup = 1C
1 1/2 cups = 1.5C
1/2 cup = .5C
1 Tbsp = 1T
2 1/2 Tbsp = 2.5T
1 tsp = 1t
2 1/2 tsp. = 2.5t
1 liter = 1L
sprinkle = sprnkl
dash of salt and pepper = dshS&P

Twecipe Ingredients:
Water = H2O
Flour = flr
Blueberries = blubry
Frozen = frzn
Recipes = rcips
Vegan = vgn
Soy milk = soymlk
Tempeh = tmph
coconut Ice Cubes = CoCoIce
Salt and black pepper = s&p
Extra virgin olive oil = evOO or xvOO
Garlic = grlc
Cayenne powder = cayne pwdr
Agave syrup = agve srp or agave
Raw sugar = rawSgr
Banana = bana
Whole Wheat Pasta = WWPasta
Extra Firm Tofu = XFtofu
Tomatoes = tmatos

Directions in Twecipes:
Diced = dicd
Chopped = chpd
Mix well = MxWel
Grate = gr8
Stir = str
Bake = bke
Boil = boil
Broil = broil
Freeze = frze
Peeled = peeld
Zest = zst
Whisk = wsk

Twecipe Kitchen Gadgets and Tools:
Refrigerator = fridg
Microwave = mcrowv
Blender = Blndr
Toaster = Tostr
Oven = Ovn
Food Processor = FoodPrcsr

Example phrases:

Saute tofu in medium-hot canola oil for 5 minutes = tfu n mhot canlaOil, 5min
In a large mixing bowl = ina LgMixBowl
Blend until smooth = Blnd til smoth
Bake at 350 degrees = Bke350
Grate the Cheese = gr8 chez
Salt the water = salt->H20
Chill in the refrigerator for about an hour = N fridg 4 +/-1hr

Do you have any twecipe lingo to add? Add it to the comments!

Love or Hate Twecipes?

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