Next Food Network Star Week Seven Review: 3 Left!

In last night's, week seven, episode of The Next Food Network Star, the contestants are still in Miami! I am pleased to say that my top three picks from week one are indeed the three remaining contestants. (I'm patting myself on my back for that one!) Here is my episode review. And Find out the number one reason (or person) why I watch and love this show...

Where did Bobby go? I've said it in the past, but it really is true. Bobby Flay makes this show great-unmissable. You never know what snarky/sarcastic (and fully deserved) comment Bobby with blurt out, or what classic Flay-style exaggerated eye-roll will become the highlight of the judges session. Bobby with his prissy, high-standards ways makes the judges table worth watching. Yes, I do enjoy and greatly respect the other judges too, but Bobby really plays by his own rules and goes with his gut. And sometimes that means eye rolls and outbursts! (I love it). He is totally lovable to watch. That being said, I kinda missed Bobby this week. True, he was on the show, but it wasn't the Bobby we all know and love. No eye rolls, loud outbursts or sarcastic remarks (memorable ones at least). This week Bobby turned his party-boy attitude down about fifty notches and turned into Bobby the mean challenge-making judge. He sat with his sunglasses firmly plastered to his face, under an umbrella with the other judges, quietly sipping a blended beverage. Quite frankly, I missed crazy "shrimp tackling-catch phrase" Bobby.

Ah, Memories. So just in case you missed it LAST week, here is the link to my fave quote from all the shows thus far: Watch the Episode 6 Re-Cap Video on the Food Network website and at the -01:04 minute mark you can hear Bobby's now famous shrimp tackling quote. Video Link Here.

Back to Week Seven Reactions:

* Melissa, my # 1 pick since the beginning, is still doing fabulously. She was a bit frantic during her on-air sabotage session, but who wouldn't be. At least she kept a smile on her face. And I agree with her that she will have immediate 'street cred' with all the moms and stay-at-homers out there because she has been there done that.
* Debbie. I actually got back to loving Debbie this week. I personally don't think she had any bad intentions when it came to the capers. And her on-air session was awesome. "I'll just use my hands!" ...she said with ease. Good job Debbie.
* Jamika. She was too sensitive for her own good. Beautiful smile and warm person, but she took herself too seriously, and it showed on-camera. The judges were right when they said it was painful to watch her get frustrated with the challenge.
* Jeffrey had a moment of bliss for me this week. After he won the Red Lobster Challenge, and went back to the hotel room, he openly showed a lot of emotion. He looked sincerely ecstatic and thrilled by his win. For me, that was a breakout moment. It showed that cool and calm "zen master" Jeffrey was human too and could go from zen to excited. His other high-energy moments always seem a bit forced. But when he won that challenge-it was true energized Jeffrey.

So here are this week's rankings, by moi:

My The Next Food Network Star rankings (Week Six):

*+/- indicates how they moved on my rankings

1. Melissa n/c
2. Debbie +2
3. Jeffrey n/c

On Who Went Home:
Voted Off: Jamika As I said above, she took herself too seriously and her sensitivity broke her. It's funny, because I said last week that Michael lacked confidence on camera last week, and was thus voted off. I think at the core of Jamika's issues was also a confidence thing.

...and the remaining three contestants have lots of confidence! Confidence is key!

Be sure to check back each week when I'll update my rankings and let you know who I think should be winning. Hopefully, the judges will get it right!

Oh, and did you know that casting for the next show has begun?! Check it out on the

Watch it: Sunday nights on The Food Network.

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