Gwyneth, the Next Julia?

If you missed this week's GOOP Newsletter, you missed the lovely Gwyneth Paltrow trying her hand at being an on-screen chef. Not exactly Julia Child yet, but pretty impressive. I obviously wasn't fond of the chicken portion of her meal (I still greatly miss the veg-head days of Paltrow), but at the 4 minute mark she started tossing together a gorgeous Farmer's Market inspired salad with a champagne, shallot, maple and mustard vinaigrette. It sounded (and looked) amazing! Throw in some sweet English Peas, a la my visit to Craft NYC, and I am in!

Gwyneth's Cookbook? So does this confirm the rumor's about Gwyneth's foodie aspirations? The NYTimes recently compared her to Martha and Oprah. While Perez said Gwyneth would be releasing a cookbook called, My Fathers Daughter, in bookstores in 2010. Come to think of it, Gwyn did mention her dad several times in this video. G, please add a few vegan recipes or a nice chunky macrobiotic section to your cookbook for your veg fans! Oh, and anyone know where Gwyneth got that gray top she's wearing in the video? I love it! Click ahead for my top 5 Gwyneth Paltrow related blog posts...

Top Five Gwyneth Paltrow Related Blog Posts

1. Gwyn's Gym. Will Gwyneth open an NYC gym in the future?

2. Spain: On the Road Again. Even if Tony Bourdain bashed this show featuring Gwyneth, Bitman and Batali. I loved it. Here's my rant on the fab PBS series.

3. GOOP: 150,000 subscribers road mark. I'm sure the number has greatly grown by now, but this was news a while back!

4. CLEAN Dr. Junger. Gwyneth followed the ways of CLEAN author Dr. Junger. Here is my Famous Tweets post on this awesome doc who enjoys Yacht dancing in Bora Bora from time to time.

5. GOOP: Are you Getting it? Have you subscribed. Here's why I do, and you should.

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