Webster's Dictionary Words 2009: Goji, Acai, Locavore.

A few of my favorite words (and foods) have been officially added to the 2009 Webster's Dictionary. Among the additions are Goji, Acai and Locavore. Click ahead to read the official definitions and more 2009 word additions...

Healthy New Words. I'm so glad that goji and acai have been added. However, my spell check needs to catch up to these new word additions!...Also, I'm starting a trend to make Bee-gan (a vegan who eats honey) a 2010 Webster's addition word!

2009 Word Additions:

Acai-a small dark purple fleshy berrylike fruit of a tall slender palm (Euterpe oleracea) of tropical Central and South America that is often used in beverages ; also : the palm

Goji-the dark red mildly tart berry of a thorny chiefly Asian shrub (Lycium barbarum) that is typically dried and used in beverages

Locavore-one who eats foods grown locally whenever possible

Other 2009 Merriam-Webster's Dictionary word additions:

1. acai
2. carbon footprint
3. cardioprotective
4. earmark
5. fan fiction
6. flash mob
7. frenemy
8. goji
9. green-collar
10. haram
11. locavore
12. memory foam
13. missalette
14. naproxen
15. neuroprotective
16. pharmacogenetics
17. physiatry
18. reggaeton
19. shawarma
20. sock puppet
21. staycation
22. vlog
23. waterboarding
24. webisode
25. zip line

For more, visit the Websters Dictionary Website

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